Europe treats its worry wrinkles ?

Europe treats its worry wrinkles ?



botox users still finding the funds
A new report out today suggests that the recession is not slowing down the British desire to get their botox fix.
Allergan who make botox say that they have been “favourably surprised” that sales have maintained good progress along with demand.
There are many theries out there as to why botox sales are strong in the gloomy economic outlook that we find ourselves staring at.

Some suggest that the worry lines are aplenty as peopel fear for the future in the turmoil that Europe finds itself in, especially in euroland.
Many who are connected with the aesthetic treatment industry feel that whilst many are putting off going under the knife, most will still try and find a few hundred pounds for their six monthly botox top up. We would share that theory as clients do their utmost to keep looking their best, despite money worries.
Also, in a market where few feel job security , there are those who look upon their botox as an investment in their professional future. They see it that its vital to keep looking your very best and show that you are right on top of your game.

Allergans report is certainly encouraging news for the market. It has to be said that botox is not at the top of every familys agenda when doing their financial budgets, but its a boost to the industry to see just how important those regular clients view their treatment.
Prices for botox treatment have come down in the last couple of years, there is no doubt about that. Generally speaking this has to be good news for clients. In this market clients have every right to expect a quality treatment at a value price.

On word of warning though. Those looking for value must not get drawn into treatment that looks too cheap to be true. The quality of botox and the correct dilution are paramount to ensuring a safe treatment and one that lasts beyond the front gate of the clinic afterwards !

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