Emerging ” grey” market for aesthetic procedures

Emerging ” grey” market for aesthetic procedures



The American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery have claimed that cosmetic enhancements on the over 65 year olds is on the rise.
They attribute this to a number of factors, but the key drivers for this new market include..

1. The older generation are expecting to have to work longer, therefore they want to look their best to compete with younger workers.
2. There is a demand for cosmetic surgery because of the longer life span now expected by the over 65 year olds. They see that the results of cosmetic surgery could benefit them for many years in the future.

There has also been a tremendous growth in non surgical procedures , it has to be said in the United Kingdom. In our clinic we see many clients who are over 65 and typically they have wrinkle filler treatments and botox. Just enough to make them feel at their very best and without the risks of cosmeric surgery.

The American Society for Plastic Surgery give a cautionary warning to those over 65 who are considring cosmetic surgery. It must be remembered that all cosmetic surgery carried risk and this includes risks in Anaesthesia. We suggets that its always a good idea to talk things over with your Doctor if you are thinking about surgery.
Cosmetic surgery has come a long way though in the past twenty years. There are now many procedures that can be done with less invasive techniques, therefore less risk and faster recovery. We would advise anyone thinking about a facelift after the gae of 65 to shop around and research the latest techniques available out there.
Its also a good idea to find a Surgeon with dedicated experience in treating older Patients. Skin behaves very differently after 65 than it does at 25 !!.
If you are considering a facelift for example, it would be wise to ask around and try and get a recommendation from one of the Surgeons previous Patients.
If you are not quite ready for surgery, then stick to the non surgical treatments until you feel that you are ready to take the plunge.
Your botox Practitioner should be a good sounding board and a converstaion with him/her might be a great place to start. They are very likely to know the local cosmetic surgery market and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
It must be remengered however that you may need to continue with some botox or wrinkle filler, even after a facelift, this is because a facelift cannot correct every facial wrinkle.

So if you are over 65 and thinking about cosmetic surgery, go for it !.
However dont rush in and do your homework well first

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