Ear Reshaping F.A.Q

Q. I have ears that stick out and its been that way since school to be honest.. I hate having my photo took and I can’t wear my hair short as this only makes things worse. Can a otoplasty help me ?
A. A otoplasty is a name given to a procedure to pull the ears back to a normal position at the side of the head. In many cases this is an operation performed in childhood, but many adults have the operation done in later life. Ears that stick out too far can be embarrassing and cause you to wear your hair longer than you might otherwise want to.Otoplasties are quite straightforward procedures with excellent results.

Q How long does the operation take, can it be done under local anaesthetic ?
A. The operation is usually done under a local anaesthetic, perhaps with some sedation. With a otoplasty you are not usually required to stay  in hospital for one night afterwards. These procedures are done as day cases and you will soon be on your way back home afterwards. The operation takes around one hour.

Q. How much time will I need off work ?

A.  Allow ten to fourteen days off work. Your ears will feel quite sore afterwards. This is normal. You will have a head bandage on to protect your ears when you are sleeping and to keep the ears flat to the head. This will remain for one week or so, so it is important that you allow sufficient time off work to recover.

Q. Will there be a scar afterwards ?
A. The scars for a otoplasty are hidden behind the ears in the natural crease, so they are very discreet

Q. How soon can I drive after a otoplasty
A. Again, because you will have a dressing around the head it is not a good idea to drive until this is removed. Allow seven to ten days and take the advice of your Plastic Surgeon at your check up.

Q. Can the problem return ?
A. The dressing that is applied is to keep the ears flat to the head. Thereafter the Surgeon may suggest that you  wear what looks like a tennis headband for a few weeks afterwards. This will help keep the ears flat also. However it is possible that the ears could relax a little after the surgery. However this is a very pleasing procedure with very good results for the majority of Patients.

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