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The terms and conditions of this Patient contract apply to the supply of services by Mills Medical Services Ltd, under the trading names of Moorgate Aesthetics, Moorgate Urology, Moorgate hair transplant. These terms and conditions prevail over the contents of any other documents provided by Mills Medical Services Ltd where a conflict in the content takes place.



a)      Anaesthetist– Means a medical practitioner trained in the practice of anaesthesia who is registered with the General Medical Council and has admitting privileges to the hospital where the procedure is undertaken.

b)      Days – Where days do not mention working days then if refers to the days of the normal 7 day week including UK bank or public holiday.

c)      Medical Practitioner – Means a Medical Practitioner who is registered with the General Medical Council and has admitting privileges to the hospital where the procedure is undertaken.

d)      Patient – Any person who has contacted Mills Medical Services trading brands, or who has entered into a contract requesting a consultation for a cosmetic surgery or non surgical procedure.

e)      Patient Guide – Patient information in accordance with independent health care standards, brochures and any associated letters and leaflets.

f)       Procedure – A surgical operation or a non surgical procedure to be performed by a surgeon or Medical Practitioner.

g)      Reflection or cooling off period – A period of 14 days from the date of the initial consultation with the Surgeon to the date of surgery. Surgeons recommend in accordance with guidelines issued by the independent healthcare association, May 2003, “Good medical practice in cosmetic surgery” (in liaison with the General Medical Council) that patients have adequate time for reflection. Surgeons do not normally admit patients for a procedure sooner than 14 days after the initial consultation. However, in some exceptional circumstances the patient may choose to elect to sign a relevant disclaimer and undergo the procedure sooner after careful consideration of all of the benefits and risks of the intended procedure.

h)      Surgeon – Means a medical practitioner who is registered with the General medical council. Some of our surgeons are also fellows of the royal college of surgeons.

i)       Working day – Monday to Friday of any given week except for a U.K. Bank or public holiday.

j)       Force majeure– No party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of acts of nature or unforeseen circumstances – natural disasters, utilities breakdown etc.

Obligations of Mills Medical Services Ltd

a)      Mills Medical Services Ltd shall engage independent Surgeons and Medical Practitioners who are registered with the General Medical Council and who hold the qualifications and experience required under schedule 3 of the Health and social care act (regulated activities) regulations 2010 and who have been granted practicing privileges at the clinic or hospital where they are to perform the procedure. Mills Medical Services Ltd Surgeons and Medical Practitioners are engaged as independent contractors and are professionally and legally liable for and directly responsible and accountable to the Patient for their own tortuous acts and breaches of contract. They are obliged to maintain private practice medical indemnity insurance with the medical defence union, the, medical protection society or any other appropriate insurers that is appropriate in accordance with GMC guidelines.

b)      Mills Medical Services Ltd shall engage an independent Mills Medical Services Ltd Surgeon or Medical practitioner to perform the procedure.

c)      Provided that the patient has complied with his obligations in this agreement, and at the discretion of the Surgeon or medical practitioner, Mills Medical Services Ltd will engage the Surgeon or medical practitioner to provide aftercare to the patient.

d)      Mills Medical Services Ltd cannot accept responsibility of liability for any matter which may be within the professional or legal liability of the independent surgeon or medical practitioner.

e)      Mills Medical Services Ltd shall comply with the provisions of the data protection act 1998.

Fees and Payment Terms

A)     The procedure shall cover;

1.      Hospital treatment and accommodation including patient catering if the patient is an overnight stay at the hospital.

2.      Nursing care.

3.      Operating theatre charges.

4.      Appropriate drugs and medications relating to the procedure in the hospital.

5.      Appropriate dressings relating to the procedure in the hospital.

6.      Where appropriate, implants or other devices in the standard range of the supplier or that specifically agreed between you and your surgeon at the outset.

7.      Preoperative blood tests of a standard nature which may include full blood count, U and E, clotting screen, urine (UCEM) MRSA screen.

8.      Surgeon fees during the hospital stay which include pre surgery consultation, surgical rounds, immediate post operative care and post operative. Anaesthetist fee to include pre operative visit, the operation and immediate post operative care.

9.      Mills Medical Services Ltd aftercare.

B) The procedure fee will not cover;

1. Echocardiogram examinations, x rays, ultrasound scans, or mammograms or any other diagnostic examination or test.

2. Any take home drugs following the procedure other than antibiotics and pain relief as may be prescribed by the surgeon or medical practitioner upon discharge from the hospital.

3. Any additional cost of further pre operative blood tests or pre operative blood tests of a non standard nature as may be determined necessary by the surgeon, anaesthetist or medical practitioner.

4. Any additional cost of an implant or device where appropriate not in the standard range, other than that specifically agreed between you and the Patient Co-ordinator at the outset.

5. Additional nights stay at the hospital will be charged at the current rate.

6. Expenses related to travel, accommodation and time off work for original surgery or revision surgery.

Any remedial treatment subsequent of examinations may be funded by Mills Medical Services Ltd: this is assessed in a case by case basis. Any additional charges, where applicable, will be added to the procedure fee and will be payable on the terms of this clause.

C) If a low deposit or late payment authorisation has been agreed and the patient fails to clear the balance on the formerly agreed date (as agreed in the Patient care plan) then Mills Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to cancel the procedure and charge or retain the cancellation fee as defined in this agreement.

D) The deposit fee of £500 is payable to book the procedure date. The balance of the procedure is due 56 days from the date of the operation. Where the operation is scheduled within 56 days of the consultation, the whole amount will become payable at the time of booking.

E) In default of the above, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Mills Medical Services Ltd, the company reserves the right to cancel the procedure and charge or retain the cancellation fee as defined in this agreement.

F) An administration charge of £250 will be incurred and an additional fee may be incurred where, after expiry of the reflection and cooling off period, the patient requests any change to the procedure. Changes can include, for example, changing the type of procedure performed by adding or removing aspects of the original procedure planned. Patients must appreciate that such changes require careful consideration and must be approved by the independent surgeon or medical practitioner in the best interest of the patient. The additional fee will reflect the cost of proving these considerations and arranging further availability of further equipment / implants.  The charging of is such additional fee is at the company’s sole discretion but will always arise where the request for a change is made less than 20 days prior to the procedure date. Your Patient Co-ordinator will discuss these issues with you and advise you of any additional fees payable. The administration charge and additional fee will form part of the procedure fee and payable pursuant to this clause.

G) Mills Medical Services Ltd do not cover the loss of earnings for The Patient or their chaperone/family.

H) Mills Medical Services Ltd do not cover the cost of a Patients or their chaperones travel/accommodation /food or any other related expenses in connection with both the original or revision surgery. These costs all need to be covered by the patient and their chaperone. Where travel and accommodation has been reserved by the company this will be determined at the outset. The Patient understands and accepts that where this has been arranged the company cannot accept any responsibility for a failure of services of the quality of those services as provided by such third parties.


Patient Rescheduling Policy

A)     If the Patient books a procedure date with a Patient Co-ordinator and the patient decides to reschedule the procedure date, an additional fee will be payable (the rescheduling fee) dependant on how much notice is provided as follows.

1.      6 days or less notice:         £1500 rescheduling fee

2.      7 days to 14 days notice   £500 rescheduling fee

3.      15 or more days notice     £150 rescheduling fee


B)      The reflection and cooling off period is unaffected by this clause.

C)      If the patient subsequently cancels a rescheduled procedure, Mills Medical Services refund policy as detailed in this agreement will be applied based on the amount of the rescheduling fee applicable to the rescheduling. All cancellation requests must be placed in writing to Mills Medical Services. Kelham street, Doncaster DN1 3RE. Requests must be sent by special delivery.

D)     If the procedure is postponed because the patient is unable to proceed at that time due to Medical advice, but would be in a suitable medical condition to proceed within two years of the postponement, Mills Medical Services ltd will hold any monies paid on account for the patient to undergo their procedure when they are medically suitable. These funds will be retained by Mills Medical Services Ltd should the patient not have made use of them within the two years. If the medical reasons were undisclosed during consultation then the normal cancellation policy will be applied and no refund will be offered.

E)      If the patient cancels due to pregnancy then they receive no refund as the General Cosmetic Patient guide states clearly that extra precautionary measures must be taken to void pregnancy on the basis that no surgery can ever take place of the patient is pregnant.

F)      It is the sole decision of the operating surgeon and the anaesthetist as to whether the operation takes place, if the procedure is postponed for medical reasons following the anaesthetist or surgeon receiving information on the patients past medical history, there will be no rescheduling fee.

G)     If the procedure is rescheduled by Mills Medical Services ltd, there will no rescheduling fee applied.

H)     Mills Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone the procedure in the interests of patient safety and welfare including a failure by the patient to follow the advice given by the Patient Co-ordinator, the surgeon, the anaesthetist, or the patient information guide. For example, if the patient has persisted to smoke less than two weeks prior to the procedure despite instructions to stop, if directed by the medical team or under circumstances beyond the control of Mills Medical Services Ltd, for example, hospital facilities or the surgeon becoming unavailable. In the event of such a cancellation or postponement then the patient agrees that no related losses with be recoverable by Mills Medical Services Ltd.

I)       Mills Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone the procedure should the Patient display an unusual degree of nervousness and the surgeon/anaesthetist does not feel comfortable operating on the patient. In such circumstances a rescheduling fee will apply in line with the clause in this agreement on rescheduling of operations.

J)       If the patient reschedules a confirmed revision procedure, the aforementioned rescheduling fees will apply in order for the company to cover the losses incurred surrounding the operating space.

Patient Cancellation and Refund Policy

Procedures may be cancelled during or after the 14 day reflection and cooling off period from seeing the surgeon with the following costs incurred.

A)     If the procedure is cancelled by the patient outside of the reflection and cooling off period of 14 days, and the procedure is less than 20 days after the period expires, or as a result of any failure or default of the patient following an initial consultation with Mills Medical Services Ltd /medical practitioner, Mills Medical Services Ltd will charge to the patient or retain 100% of the procedure fee.

B)      If the procedure is cancelled by the patient during the reflection and cooling off period, any fees paid are refundable however £500 of the fee or deposit paid is retained to cover administration costs.

C)      If the procedure is cancelled by the surgeon or other medical professional within the medical team of equivalent qualifications by reasons that the patient will never be medically suitable for surgery, £500 of the deposit or balance paid is retained to cover administrative costs however a refund of the remaining monies will be made. If the medical reasons were undisclosed during consultations then the normal cancellation policy will apply and no refund will be offered.

D)     If the procedure is cancelled outside of the reflection period but more than 20 days from the procedure date, the company will retain 50% of the procedure fee.

Patient Obligations

A)     The patient must be at least 18 years old for any consultation or surgical procedure.

B)      The patient must provide their NHS number at the latest 14 days before their surgery date, after which an administration fee of £100 will be charged. If this is not received within seven days of the procedure date then the procedure will be postponed.

C)      The patient understands that it is the appointed surgeon and anaesthetist’s sole decision whether or not a surgical procedure can be carried out.

D)     The patient shall provide to the company / surgeon’ anaesthetist/medical practitioner or any appropriate staff member an honest and full health history that is accurate and reliable. The patient further understands that withholding medical information could put their health at risk and if this is later identified at the hospital within the patient’s medical notes then it is at the discretion of the surgeon or medical practitioner whether the procedure should be rescheduled or even cancelled. This may result on rescheduling fees or loss of 100% of the fee on cancellation. Mills Medical Services Ltd shall not be responsible for any additional aftercare required in these circumstances and shall charge any additional costs to the patient.

E)      The Patient shall notify to Mills Medical Services as soon as possible if a charge occurs to their health or wellbeing after the initial consultation.

F)      The patient shall be responsible for reading and making sure that they understand the patient information guide and any other information provided ahead of the procedure.

G)     The patient shall comply with all pre and post surgical instructions provided by the surgeon and Mills Medical Services Ltd.

H)     The patient should ensure that any invoices and/or outstanding money is paid in a timely manner and that all outstanding balances are paid ahead of any procedure.

Aftercare Policy – General

a)      All patients must attend post surgery appointments set by Mills Medical Services and follow guidance and advice set out in the literature provided. Failure to do so may affect the patients’ rights under this policy. Should the Patient fail to attend two or more post operative appointments consecutively scheduled for them, Mills Medical Services Ltd are no longer obliged to offer further appointments.

b)      Any changes in appearance through lifestyle, illness, pregnancy, or natural ageing process that have an effect on the original results of the surgery may prevent Mills Medical Services Ltd from providing the free care. For example, a Patient has gained weight after a liposuction procedure.

c)      For up to one year after your operation, where you and your surgeon both agree that further surgery is required, the company will provide, if clinically appropriate, corrective surgery, hospital accommodation, (where appropriate) free of charge. However if your surgeon decides that the results of your operation fall within the acceptable normal limits of surgery, further free surgery will not be available. It is the operating surgeon who owes a duty of care to the patient and this is the only surgeon obliged to perform the revision surgery if this is agreed by the company. No other surgeon obliged to offer a revision to the patient who is not under their care.

d)      Any variances to the revision procedure actually required, for example, an increase in implant size, will be charged. Procedure of a temporary nature such as fat transfer are excluded from the revision policy in terms of further fat top up procedures given the requirement for these procedures to be repeated in the future.

e)      If the original surgeon is not available, the company will appoint a suitable alternative surgeon to offer a review, second surgical opinion and determine the appropriateness for additional surgery. The surgeon has no obligation to perform, undertake or take over the patients care.

f)       If the patient moves to another part of the country, the patient will be expected to travel to meet with their surgeon, the company will not offer such travel.

g)      If the patients original surgeon no longer consults from the original clinic, the patient will be expected to travel to meet with their surgeon, the company will not cover such travel.

h)      If a scan is required as part of the treatment plan or to ascertain if treatment is required then depending on the circumstances this may not be covered by the company.

i)       Mills Medical Services Ltd will not cover any corrective surgery performed by other cosmetic surgery company providers if Mills Medical Services Ltd aftercare plan was not approached first and such financial agreement was not arranged prior to the correction date.

j)       Where a revision procedure is required the company does not cover loss of earnings, patients chaperone costs, or family travel/accommodation/food, these costs all need to be covered by the patient.

k)      Where a revision procedure is required the company does not cover loss of earnings, hotel costs or travel expenses of the chaperone of the patient.

l)       If the revision procedure requires an overnight stay then this will come at a cost to the patient.

Please note that where a revision procedure is performed the aftercare policy explained in this agreement will NOT start again, aftercare policy applies only to the original operation date.

Other Information

a) In the interest of safety or in exceptional circumstances the company reserve the right to alter the Patients admission date (although such changes will be avoided wherever possible). Should such an alteration be required then the Patient agrees that no related losses will be recoverable by the company.

b) The Patient agrees that by signing the terms and conditions and the consent form that he/she has understood the contents and has been given the opportunity to consider the content and to seek independent advice if desired.


In the event that the patient is unhappy with the service provided, the complaint should be made as soon as possible to the patient co-ordinator. Mills Medical Services Ltd has a comprehensive comments and complaints policy in place. The following is a summary of the procedure, a copy of which is available to all patients within The Patient Guide. All complaints are treated seriously. The names of The Patient or complainant will remain confidential except to facilitate the investigation of a complaint. There are two ways in which a patient can make a complaint. They may verbally address their concerns or complaint, or they may document their complaint a concern in writing. Please note complaints by email are not accepted.


Verbal Complaint

An investigation will be immediately undertaken into The Patient’s concerns, and wherever possible they will be notified of the outcome within one working day. If we are not able to resolve the issue within one working week, they will be notified out the outcome in writing within 20 working days of the complaint being made. In the event of a verbal comment or complaint, we will at all time endeavours to address the concerns immediately.


Written Complaint

Upon receipt of The Patients correspondence, Mills Medical Services Ltd will acknowledge the letter in writing within three working days. We will immediately undertake an investigation into the concerns raised and provide a written response within 20 working days of receiving the letter. If we are unable to provide a written response within 20 working days, we will inform The Patient in writing of the status of the complaint. If patients are dissatisfied with their written response and have appealed this and they remain unhappy, they can obtain support from the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Services (ISCAS) where they can review the complaint and responses and decide if a fair process has been followed. 

Stage 1 – Local Resolution

         The Patient Co-ordinator will review all medical records, communications and the complaint as part of an investigation with assistance from the nursing team and surgeons.

         The Patient Co-ordinator will then write to the complainant explaining the outcome of the investigation within 20 working days. In the event that investigations are still on-going and a response has not been reached when the initial 20 working days expires, a letter of update will be sent every 20 working days.

         Mills Medical Services Ltd recognises that sometimes the complaint may not be entirely happy with the response that they have initially received. The preferred outcome of complaint is a resolution at stage 1. The complainant may take their concern through the following further stages described below; 

Stage 2 – Internal Appeal

         The complainant may not be entirely happy with the response that they have initially received. If this is so, the complaint will then be passes on to a senior member of staff who has not previously been involved in your complaint and is not involved in the daily operation of the hospital/clinic to consider the complaint stage.

         Mills Medical Services Ltd aim to provide a stage 2 response within 20 working days of the stage 2 acknowledgement letter. However, complaints are made aware that stage 2 review of a complaint may take longer than 20 working days and where this is so, a formal letter of update will be sent. 

Stage 3 – Independent External Adjudication

         If the complainant remains dissatisfied the outcomes presented during stage 2 of the investigation process, they are able to signpost their complaint to the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS), an independent adjudication service.

ISCAS provides independent adjudication on complaints about ISCAS members. ISCAS will provide a written acknowledgement to complaints within 2 working days of receiving from ISCAS, documentation relating to their complaint, provide a full adjudication decision within 20 working days or send a letter explaining the reason for the delay to the complainant, at a minimum, every 20 working days, consider a wide range of remedies, including asking the ISCAS member: 

·        To provide an explanation and apology, where appropriate

·        To take action to put things right

·        To share details of how the organisation has learnt from the complaint and any changes made as a result

·        To offer a goodwill payment in recognition of shortfalls in the complaint handling, inconvenience, distress, or any combination of these, up to a limit of £5,000. Any goodwill payment awarded by the Independent External Adjudicator should take account of any claim that the ISCAS member has against the complainant (e.g for unpaid hospital fees). Acceptance of the goodwill payment by the complainant will bring all matters that are subject to the complaint to a close.

If a complainant should wish to refer their complaint to ISCAS this should normally be done within 6 months of the date of the event. The reason for this is to ensure that proper investigation can be made whilst the recollection of those involved is still reasonably clear. An acknowledgment to any appeal received will be sent within 7 working days of receipt.


The address to send direct correspondence is included below;


Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service

70 Fleet Street



Email: info@iscas.org.uk 

Telephone: 020 7536 6091


Confidentiality and Data Protection

a)      Mills Medical Services Ltd holds and processes data relevant to the patient and the procedures both surgical or non surgical in accordance with the provisions set out in this section.

b)      Should Mills Medical Services Ltd wish to disclose information and data relating to the patients, surgeons and hospital staff then Mills Medical Services ltd will first obtain consent before any disclosure is undertaken.

c)      The Patient is deemed to have consented to allowing Mills Medical Services Ltd to disclose any data including any sensitive information to any government authorities whether they are regulatory or otherwise.

d)      The patient is acknowledging that Mills Medical Services Ltd is obtaining this consent in order that they may comply with the data protection act 1998.

Access to Medical Records

a)      A patient may request to view their medical records, a medical practitioner must be present.

b)      A copy of the medical records may be requested in writing. A fee of £50 will be charged for copies of medical documentation.

Legal Jurisdiction

a)      The laws of England and Wales shall govern this contract and their courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

I confirm that I fully understand the terms and conditions provided by Mills Medical Services Ltd.




Version 27-06-17DM

*The terms and conditions for penile implant surgery are specific for this procedure and vary slightly from those outlined here. Your Patient Co-ordinator will provide you with an up to date copy on request and always before booking any surgery.

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