Concerned about your breast implants

Concerned about your breast implants ?


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We are seeing a number of clients for their usual new year wrinkle fillers, with bigger problems on their minds.
The frenzy of media activity around P.I.P implants has got thousands of UK women very worried indeed.
A few of the clients we have spoken to are not sure what type of implants they actually have. Either because they have forgotten or they were never told in the first place.
The big question we keep getting asked is ” what should I do and where do I start ?”

Our advice has remained the same throughout. Go back to your Plastic Surgeon or clinic and ask them about the type f implants you have had inserted. They will have your medical records and should be able to put your mind at rest very quickly. UK Surgeons and clinics seem reasonably well prepard for dealing with these enquiries. Clearly they are expecting them and many have talen action by putting informatuion on their websites about the steps being taken to reassure their Patients and give them the information that they need.

We have not yet met anyone in our clinic who has actually had P.I.P implants confirmed. The burning question of course is what do you do if your worst fears are confirmed ?

Do you beat a path to your Plastic Surgeons door and get them replaced, or do you keep the ones that you have as they look as good as the day you had the surgery ?

This is a very difficult one at the moment, The Department of Health are not exactly forthcoming on clear advice , at least up to now, it seems that there is conflicting advice out there which can only fuel nervousness amongst women who have P.I.P implants.

As a Patient your first point of advice is your Plastic Surgeon. They are keeping up to date with developments and are best placed to give you the right advice.

The desicion to change implants at the moment seems to be one of choice, However we all wait with bated breath to see if the advice changes to one of , get them removed as soon as possible,

Plastic Surgeons that we know have seen lots of calls from worried Patients asking if they should have them removed and for clarification of the type of implant they have had. This is set to contunue for some time yet.

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