Cigarettes and the skin

A report out today claims that more of us than ever are quitting smoking. The numbers are up three fold over the last ten years. Before we start to celebrate however the downside to this report also claims that succes rates have dropped over the same period.
Everyone knows the health warnings attached to smoking which can no longer be ignored.

However we must not overlook the damage that smoking has on the skin. In our clinics one of the most propular treatments is hylauronic acid injections to combat so called ” smokers lines”. These are very evident on heavy smokers or those who have smoked for many years. Treatment is effective of course, but there is a cost associated with keeping those lines hidden from public view.
The skin of a regular smoker ages faster than those who dont smoke. They tend to crease up their eyes around the smoke, causing lines around the eyes. Those famous smokers lines appear due to the puckering up of the mouth around the cigarette itself. Smoking also reduces blood flow to the skin.
So whilst its great to hear of more people quitting we must not rest on our laurels and help those who wanto to quit through the process.
In the meantime we can keep those lines at bay and treatments such as skin peels and hylauronic acid injections such as retylane and juvederm can help eliminate the evidence.

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