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Why Fat Transfer in the UK is So Popular

Why Fat Transfer in the UK is So Popular

Moorgate Aesthetics Takes a Look into Why Fat Transfer Surgery in the UK is so Popular

Fat Transfer UK

There’s no denying that plastic surgery is becoming very popular these days, and there’s certainly no longer a stigma attached to having treatments performed of a cosmetic nature.

Interestingly, fat transfer is becoming a very popular alternative to conventional breast augmentation, and fat transfer UK-based treatments are becoming one of the most fast-growing treatments available.

But why is fat transfer surgery in such great demand? Well, let’s take a closer look at the unique benefits offered by fat transfer, as it will soon become clear why this treatment is a great alternative to traditional techniques.

An alternative to breast or buttock implants

Fat transfer to breastFirst of all, one of the huge benefits associated with fat transfer is the fact that no implants are required in which makes the treatment much safer and more reliable in the long term.

Most people have heard the occasional horror story associated with implants, and while they are generally very safe – many people are still wary of having this treatment. For these people, fat transfer represents the perfect alternative.

Less risk of scarring

Another huge benefit to having fat transfer is that only a very fine cannula is needed to perform the treatment, so the incisions are incredibly small and usually very well hidden.
Ultimately, this means anybody who is concerned about scarring will have much better results with fat transfer techniques, and there will rarely be much visible scarring at all.

Natural results

Of course, one of the most important considerations when having any kind of breast augmentation surgery is what the results will look like – and many people favour a result that is as natural looking as possible.

With this in mind, fat transfer is the perfect solution, because rather than using an artificial implant, fat from the patient’s own body is transferred to give the desired enhancement instead.

In many cases, this will lead to a very natural look indeed, and few people will be able to tell that you have had an artificial breast augmentation unless you were to tell them yourself. So if you’re concerned about the results seeming natural, fat transfer is the perfect alternative to consider.

Unparalleled convenience

Yet another excellent benefit to choosing fat transfer over any other technique is the fact that it’s far more convenient compared to traditional augmentation techniques.

As an example of this, recovery times are usually reduced to anywhere from a few days to a week – whereas traditional techniques often require 2 to 4 weeks of rest before normal activities gleefully resumed.

What’s more, the surgery itself is usually just a simple day case, and rarely involves having to stay overnight for most patients.


Overall, it’s clear to see that fat transfer techniques are becoming incredibly popular these days, and they have many advantages when compared to the more traditional breast augmentation techniques.

So if you are hoping to benefit from breast enlargement or Buttock Enlargement using fat transfer techniques, there’s never been a better time to opt for this surgery. The next step will be to book a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon who can give you the results you desire.

The Increasing Popularity of Fat Transfers to the Buttocks

The Increasing Popularity of Fat Transfers to the Buttocks

Whether you actively follow entertainment news or just catch bits of it as you go about your daily life, you undoubtedly have noticed the trend toward curvier figures taking centre stage. Instead of pencil-thin figures, larger breasts and butts are “in” these days.

Bigger-ButtocksWhile some are born with a naturally big booty, others have to pay for it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez proudly display their large buttocks to the joy of their fans. While some of those in the entertainment world came by theirs naturally, others have had implants or fat transfers to get the rounded backside of their dreams.

As a result of this, a growing number of people are choosing to undergo Fat Transfer to Buttocks or Buttock Implants. Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous. Today, everyone from librarians to accountants and sales clerks can have body enhancements performed at more reasonable rates than a few decades back.

Your fat tissue is the ideal choice for reshaping your butt though people without sufficient body fat will need to go the implant route. Men and women alike experience several benefits from choosing to undergo this surgical procedure.

Unlike implants, the incisions associated with fat transfer procedures are small. These spaces only have to be large enough for the fat to be suctioned and placed. Not only will this improve the final aesthetics, but you will also heal more quickly. You can speak to the surgeon regarding the ideal placement to reduce the noticeability of the scar tissue.

You will have the shape you desire without worries about foreign substances being in your body. The minimally invasive procedure only takes a couple of hours as an outpatient, and you will be through the initial recovery period within a few days.

Take a couple of days off work next to your regularly scheduled ones, and you can return with a fabulous new backside ready to jump back in! The results are visible immediately though it will take a couple of months for the final shape and appearance.

In addition to the swelling and other common post-surgical complaints, a fat transfer involves a bit more work. Your body must integrate the fat cells into the surrounding tissues. Some of them will be reabsorbed, which may lead to a slight reduction in your buttocks size.

Men and women alike appreciate the fact that they can get the shapely derriere they desire while also getting rid of troubling fat deposits elsewhere on the body. Even people who are in reasonably good health may have stubborn love handles, big thighs or other undesired areas of fat. By utilising this fat to create a new butt, you will get two procedures in one!

You can join celebrities like Chloe Sims and Heidi Montag in taking charge of how your buttocks looks. Schedule an appointment with Moorgate Aesthetics, a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK and discuss which options are best for you. You will be on your way to a sexy new body and increased confidence.

Enlarging the buttocks without implants

Enlarging the buttocks without implants

There is no doubt in my mind that the procedure of the moment is fat transfer to buttocks.

fat transfer to Buttocks

fat transfer to Buttocks

In my thirty years in this industry I have never seen so many enquiries for this procedure.

Whilst breast enlargement surgery is still leading the way as far as popularity goes, fat transfer to buttocks is the fastest growing procedure of today.

There has always been an interest in buttock augmentation of course, but it must surely be the photos of celebrities such as Kim kardashian that have sparked this flurry of activity in the consultation room to get a similar looking bottom.

A bigger looking bum is a bit of an irony. At Moorgate Aesthetics we spend a lot of time removing unwanted fat from people’s bodies, yet the area where women really want as much fat as possible is on the buttocks.

Big buttocks are definitely in.

Buttock implants have been around for a long time of course. In my career I cannot say that I have seen too many of these cases as there is usually a resistance to these , mainly because you have to sit on these implants most of the time and there seems to be a fear amongst many Patients of them rupturing  as a result of the stress being put on them.

Now that fat transfer has become a part of buttock augmentation it has given women a real creditable alternative to implants.

Basically, fat from other areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs etc is sucked out and transferred to the buttocks to give a natural looking augmentation. The Surgeon need a quite a bit of fat due to the large surface area of the buttocks. This tends to rule out some Patients our at the first hurdle because they don’t have enough donor fat. Hard to believe in this day and age I know, but its true. We have patients who actually go away and deliberately put weight on so that they can have the procedure done later.

Its performed under general anaesthetic and usually the Patient can go home on the same day as the surgery, but at worst its a one night stay. Depending on the type of work that the Patient does, between one and two weeks off work afterwards is advised.

Of the fat that is transferred not all survives, this is perfectly normal. Of the fat that does survive there is usually enough to give a nice , natural augmentation that adds definition to the overall figure.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations with fat transfer to buttocks is the choice of the surgeon. In my experience, not all plastic Surgeons are comfortable with fat transfer. It requires considerable skill to get just the right amount of fat in exactly the right places to get a great result. Do your homework and try to get recommendations from his / her previous Patients before jumping in.

Good Fat transfer Surgeons generally develop a following. Patients for these procedures generally do their homework and it doesn’t take them long to seek out those who have a talent for the procedure.

We are lucky at Moorgate Aesthetics in that we have a couple of Plastic Surgeons with a keen interest in fat transfer. They are confident in what they do and it shows in their work. They also perform fat transfer to breasts which again is a procedure increasing in popularity, especially after the debacle surrounding P.I.P implants.

Women are as keen as ever to know everything about foreign bodies being used to augment their tissues and so they should. Using your own fat gives you peace of mind that no foreign body is being used at all.

I see fat transfer procedures becoming very much a part of mainstream cosmetic surgery in the coming years.

Written by David Mills

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