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Moorgate Aesthetics rated best for service by

Moorgate Aesthetics rated best for service by

what-clinic-2017-certificateThe Team at Moorgate Aesthetics are very please to announce that they have been rewarded for their customer service for cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Moorgate Aesthetics has been recognised with an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from healthcare search engine

WhatClinic looked at 12 months of data from users of its site, in relation to Moorgate Aesthetics including patient review scores, feedback data and clinic contact rates. In 2016 over 17 million people visited the comparison site to find and compare clinics.

Moorgate Aesthetics was only one of a small number of clinics on the site that met the exacting standards needed to qualify for the award. Not only must the clinic have a consistently high ServiceScore™ rating to qualify, the rating measures the clinic’s commitment to customer service over a whole year, and so represents long term commitment dealing with patients. Less than 2% of clinics on the site qualified for the award this year.

David Mills today said; “We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to customer service. As a practice, it is something we focus on in everything we do and to receive such positive feedback from our patients is great…” CEO Caelen King congratulated Moorgate Aesthetics and said “Our awards are now in their 7th year, and this year, for the first time – we have made the ratings data that we use to calculate awards visible on our listings. Ratings are useful to both consumers and clinics. Consumers can see which clinics have rated well with lots of other users, and Clinics can evaluate their own performance against others in their market, ideally with the goal of getting better and better at serving their patients, which is ultimately good for everybody. 

“We believe that by giving consumers as much information as possible that we can improve private healthcare services for everyone. With these awards we honour clinics that are dedicated to the highest level of customer care and consistently putting the patient at the heart of what they do.”

About is a clinic comparison site that lists over 125,000 clinics globally. In the last year over 17 million people visited the site to find, compare and book treatments across a wide range of elective, self-pay medical treatments.’s mission is to give the patient, as an empowered consumer, access to all the information they need to make an informed choice, including price, availability and reviews. was founded in 2007 by tech entrepreneur Caelen King, and is in operation in over 125 countries. 


moorgatelogo2015We pride on a truly personal service, and certainly not “conveyor belt”  surgery.

At Moorgate Aesthetics you will feel special. We are available anytime for any questions you may have about your surgery, after all this is what we do, and we love talking about cosmetic surgery!

Cosmetic surgery should never be entered into without getting all of the facts and taking your time to come to the right decision for you. The first step along the way is to get the information you need from a fully qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon.

We know what is important to you when considering cosmetic surgery, whether that may be breast enlargement, (option of a lifetime guarantee on the premium range of breast implants), liposuction, nose reshaping, tummy tuck, facelift, eye bag reshaping, penis enlargement surgery or penis fillers or more advanced procedures such as fat transfer to enlarge the breasts or buttocks without implants. 


Fat Transfer for the Breasts | Fat Transfer Clinic UK

Fat Transfer for the Breasts | Fat Transfer Clinic UK

Advantages of Natural Breast Surgery


Amazed with Fat transfer to Breast

Breast enlargement is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery for women in the UK, and generally people see this process as one whereby implants are inserted into the breast, therefore altering the size and shape. This procedure is quite invasive though, which can put many people off. What people don’t realise is that there is another option: fat transfer for the breasts. This procedure has a number of advantages, which are listed below, so that you can decide whether fat transfer for the breasts is a good option for you.

The Most Natural Option

When breasts are enlarged using fat transfer, as opposed to implants, it is all incredibly natural – after all, there are no foreign bodies being used, just your own fat. This is incredibly important to many people, as it allows them to retain the feeling of having “natural” breasts, instead of fake ones. The breasts also feel natural to the touch, unlike implants. Additionally, it allays many fears, as patients are often naturally concerned about carrying implants around inside their breasts for ever more.

Double Results

When you have fat transfer for the breasts, it isn’t only the breasts that get larger – at the same time, another area of the body is slimmed, due to the fact that the fat is taken from there. The fat is generally taken from either the thighs or the abdomen, which are two areas that many people wish were smaller. When the fat is removed, the surgeons will ensure that the area it is removed from is reshaped properly and retains a natural look and feel.

Minimally Invasive

With breast fat transfer, there is no need for a general anaesthetic and your down time is also very short. Unlike breast implants, which require surgery, fat transfer can be done using modern, non-invasive methods, such as VASER. The only recommendation for after your treatment is that you refrain from strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks, simply due to the fact that the breasts will feel tender. It is fine to return to work almost immediately, providing your job is not too physical.

Results are Permanent

When people have breast implants, they are made aware that the implants might need replacing at some point in the future, which necessitates another surgery and more expense. This is not the case when it comes to breast fat transfer. The results are permanent and there will be no need to return for more work ever again – unless you decide you want to increase/reduce the size of your breasts at a later date, of course!

While breast fat transfer is a fantastic choice for many, it is not suitable for absolutely everyone. If you have sagging skin, for example, this won’t be an option, and you also won’t be able to have breast fat transfer if you need a surgical uplift. Our professional and experienced team at Moorgate Aesthetics will be able to advise you on the best option though, which could include breast implants or a mastopexy.

Have You Considered Penis Enlargement Surgery in the UK ?

Have You Considered Penis Enlargement Surgery in the UK ?


Penis enlargement is somewhat of a taboo topic. The countless websites out there selling penis enlargement pills and supplements have made the subject even more delicate for lots of men who have tried and failed with these courses of medication.

The good news is that here at Moorgate Aesthetics we offer a professional penis enlargement service. We don’t rely on pills or potions for penis enlargement, instead we have a team of highly trained and qualified doctors and surgeons who carry out the procedure on our patients. A longer, thicker penis is possible thanks to the pioneering procedures that we’re able to offer.


How does it work?

Every man is different, so we take time to consult with you closely in order to identify your specific requirements. The surgery that we offer allows us to increase the girth and length of the penis, without losing any sensitivity. We’re able to increase the length of your penis both in a flaccid and erect state – the surgery that we offer can lead to significant gains in both length and girth.

Lots of people dismiss penis enlargement as a gimmick or a scam – but the reality is that thanks to new techniques available to us, penis enlargement can be carried out during an operation. There are risks associated with the operation, like there are risks associated with any surgery. That being said, our penis enlargement operations have a very high success rate and our clients have provided us with excellent feedback.

It’s time to stop looking at the different pills and potions available online and it’s time to start thinking about undergoing penis enlargement surgery if you’re serious about increasing the length and girth of your penis. The products peddled online are often completely unproven, and in some cases dangerous. It’s widely accepted that the best way to see the best results and to increase the size of your penis is to undergo surgery.


Why bother with penis enlargement surgery?

There are 101 reasons why people come to us looking for penis enlargement surgery – just a few of those reasons include:

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem, especially around those who you find attractive – no longer feel embarrassed or shy because of the size of your penis
  • Penis enlargement gives you a renewed sense of masculinity and of course sexual potency
  • Overall improvement in your quality of life as a result of your increased confidence

If you are not ready for a consultation yet with a plastic Surgeon, you can request for an information pack on Penoplasty Surgery or you have some questions you would like answered you can visit our FAQ page or see check list for Penis Enlargement Surgery .

If you’re keen to find out more about our penis enlargement service, please contact us now without delay! We’ll be glad to offer you a consultation to ensure that we’re able to cater for your specific requirements, and to ensure that penis enlargement really is for you. Don’t delay, call 03300 244 858 or Contact us now!


Want your Cosmetic Surgery done at Christmas ?

Want your Cosmetic Surgery done at Christmas ?

Reserve Your Date Now for the Christmas holidays , Look Great! Feel Good ! for 2015



Moorgate Aesthetics have enquiries coming in for the Christmas holidays. Men & Women are seeking to get their Cosmetic surgery procedure carried out over the christmas period as it co-insides with their due or paid holidays from work, without the need to take extra holiday time or unpaid time off work, something everyone has to consider when thinking of having cosmetic surgery.

If you are looking for Breast Enlargement, Facial Surgery, Hair transplant surgery or Body Surgery then book your Free Consultation with one of our GMC registered plastic surgeons and see if we can book your surgery for our christmas dates:

– Friday 19th December

– Monday 22nd December

Reserve your dates now subject to Consultation

CALL NOW 03300 244 858 and reserve your dates with any of our clinics in the UK

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