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Time off work after cosmetic surgery

Planning your cosmetic surgery should be given plenty of thought to avoid a stressful recovery period.
For most cosmetic surgery procedures you are going to have to take some time off work. Your Plastic Surgeon will advise you as to the likely time off needed. Dont be tempted to short cut his advice. Going back to work too soon after your surgery is not a good idea. It can even compromise your overall result.
For many procedures the standard advice is two weeks off work. This allows sufficient time for the bruising and swelling to subside, and enough time for you to recover from a general anaesthetic which can make some people feel tied for a while. In others a general anaesthtetic can also make them quite sick for a few days.
For the more major procedures such as a facelift or tummy tuck you may be advised to take even longer off work. For major procedures it can take some time for everything to settle down.
Plan your time off work carefully. You should also try and avoid working from home or adding stress post surgery.
If you do a manual job then you may need to allow extra time off before you are fit to continue manual work.

Antibiotics in Cosmetic Surgery

The over use of antibiotics is all over the news today. Reports suggest that it should be taken as seriously as climate change and terrorism.

In the world of cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgeons have differing views about antibiotics post operatively. Many routinely prescribe antibiotics after surgery, but there are a few who consider that it not something that is needed.

Maybe the focus on antibiotics will make Plastic Surgeons think carefully over what they prescribe to their Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad


We are pleased to announce a cosmetic dentistry abroad option for our clients. If you are looking for cheap cosmetic dentistry abroad then we may have an interesting option for you.
The cost of restorative dentistry in the United Kingdom is frightening. With the cost of treatments such as dentla implants costing around £ 2000 per tooth, those needing extensive treatment are finding their quptations for treatment running into the many thousands of pounds.
Cosmetic dentistry abroad can be around half the cost of the same treatment in the United Kingdom. Sometimes even less than this.
Other European countires have a very stong reputation for high quality dentistry treatments for incredibly low prices. Thousands of Brits travel to other European countries every year in search of better value treatment. It is after all the very costs of treatment in the United Kingdom that drive people to seek cosmetic dentistry abroad.
If you have dental x-rays from your assessment with your usual U

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