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Penis talk: 3 celebrities who’ve revealed they’re not well-endowed

Penis talk: 3 celebrities who’ve revealed they’re not well-endowed

It’s true to say that many men worry about the size of their penis – and who can blame them?

It seems that more so than ever there is an emphasis on big being good and small being bad. It doesn’t necessarily help matters that the stars can’t keep quiet when it comes to discussing their genitals. Over the years we’ve seen many celebrity men boast about being well-endowed – and it seems even more have begrudgingly laid claim to being less lucky.

If you’re fretting about the size of your penis and considering your options, just remember that these famous faces are also in the same boat as you.

Penis talk 3 celebrities who have revealed theyre not well-endowedEnrique Iglesias

Singer Enrique has been very open about the size of his penis in the past – namely the fact that it doesn’t quite meet the expectations of his lady friends. While it’s unknown if he’s actually gone ahead with penile enlargement, in the past it’s seemed that he has been toying with the idea of an enhancement. He once said: “I’d change my penis if I could. It’s way, way, way too small. I can never find extra-small condoms.”

Shia LaBeouef

Actor Shia once revealed that he lost his virginity in an excruciatingly awkward manner due to the size of his penis. The young star reflected on the momentous occasion during an interview with Playboy in 2009. He said: “I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a porn movie. It put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed … and clearly this wasn’t the move.” The star later claimed that producers have demanded to see a picture of his genitals before casting him in movies featuring full frontal nudity.

Howard Stern

Radio host Howard Stern once quipped that he might be ‘one of the smallest guys in the world’ when talking about his penis on his show. It was a moment of candour from the often brash media personality.

Ready for a change?

There’s no need to live with a below-average penis like these men do. If you think a penis enlargement may be for you, then get in touch with Moorgate Aesthetics today.

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Linda Nolan delighted with her £6,000 surgery

Linda Nolan delighted with her £6,000 surgery

Linda herself is over the moon with the results and has said that she now wakes up every morning feeling good about herself and is even ready to look for love again.


Linda Nolan has been through a lot in the last decade. The Celebrity Big Brother star has lost both her husband of twenty-six years, Brian, and sister, Bernie Nolan, to cancer, and has herself survived breast cancer. Brian passed away aged sixty in 2007, and Bernie lost her battle with breast cancer – the same disease that Linda herself suffered – in 2013. After being swallowed by sadness and even contemplating suicide, The Nolans singer decided that enough was enough and that she wanted to feel positive again.

This proved difficult, however, when Linda found herself faced with a reflection that only hammered home the torment she had experienced after her husband died. She has told of how having to look at the lines on her face made it impossible for her to shake off the grief she suffered with for so long and desperately wanted to leave behind. So, 57-year-old Linda looked to cosmetic surgery to reinstate her joie de vivre and debuted the stunning results of her facelift procedure on sister Coleen’s show Loose Women.

Coleen was blindfolded for the big unveiling as she had not seen her sister since the operation, and Linda’s nerves proved unnecessary as Coleen gasped and exclaimed that the results were ‘fabulous’ immediately upon seeing them. Unlike with some celebrity cosmetic surgery procedures, Linda requested that her surgeon make her look as natural as possible, insisting that she didn’t want to look like anyone else but herself – just from ten years earlier. Yet reactions so far have been that the West End star actually looks twenty years younger.

Linda herself is over the moon with the results and has said that she now wakes up every morning feeling good about herself and is even ready to look for love again. Whilst on Loose Women, Linda even joked that out of herself and Coleen, 51, she now looks like the younger sister. All of this change has been brought about by both a lower facelift and an extreme chemical skin peel. Linda’s plastic surgeon in London has managed to eradicate her jowels as well as the deep lines from smoking around her mouth, all of which has made a dramatic change and given Linda her confidence back.

In fact, Linda has recently auditioned for two new roles and got them both, something she attributes to her new positive outlook. The revived star will soon start a UK tour with musical Our House. If you are interested in face lift surgery, Moorgate Aesthetics can offer you a free no obligation consultation at one of our nationwide clinics

Chloe Ferry is planning on a second nose job

Chloe Ferry is planning on a second nose job

Geordie Shore cast member Chloe Ferry has revealed that she is planning a second nose job.


The 21-year-old reality TV star and television personality – who also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in January 2017 – has revealed that she will have more cosmetic surgery to make her nostrils wider, despite going under the knife for a rhinoplasty operation last year. She was inspired to get her nose done upon seeing her pal – and former Geordie Shore star – Charlotte Crosby’s nose surgery results.

Since her appearance on the MTV show, Chloe Ferry – who was once a figure skater – has had a number of cosmetic procedures (in addition to the nose job) leading to her dramatic transformation, which is rumoured by the press to cost around £50,000 in total. These include lip fillers, veneers, Derma cheek fillers, an eyebrow lift, permanent eyebrow tattoos and Botox. In addition to this, Chloe Ferry has admitted that she loves plastic surgery and is somewhat of an ‘addict’, and she has often mentioned in interviews that she feels happier with her surgically-enhanced look. She has even filmed some of her cosmetic procedures on Snapchat for her fans and Geordie Shore viewers.

However, despite being a self-proclaimed cosmetic surgery lover, she claims that she has “calmed down” with the number of procedures she’d like to have done.

As for her fellow castmates, when it comes to plastic surgery and regular cosmetic procedures, the same can be said for them as well. After all, some of the Geordie Shore cast members are no strangers to splurging on some nip and tuck:

  • Charlotte Crosby has had lip fillers, Botox and a nose job.
  • Holly Hagan has had boob implants, a boob uplift, Botox and lip fillers.
  • Marnie Simpson has had boob implants, a nose job and lip fillers.
  • Sophie Kasaei has admitted in interviews that her lips, eyebrows and boobs “are all fake” and she’s also had cheek fillers.
  • Vicky Pattison – also I’m A Celebrity… jungle queen – had a breast enlargement and a breast uplift after dramatically losing weight almost four years ago.

If you would like celebrity cosmetic surgery like Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, then get in touch with Moorgate Aesthetics for information and expert advice on cosmetic procedures. Their clinic is located in Harley Street London and they offer free consultations throughout the UK , they can help you achieve the look you desire.

Why Women Have More Cosmetic Surgery Than Men

There’s no getting around the fact that women have more cosmetic surgery procedures than men, but why exactly is this?


After all, there are plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures for men out there – and many men do take advantage of them – however some men are still not comfortable with undergoing them. Below we’ll see why men are still slightly reticent about cosmetic surgery, and debunk a few myths at the same time…

Male Embarrassment

Let’s face it: most men don’t choose to have cosmetic surgery because they are worried about what their mates will say and about the ribbing they will get when they are down the pub. Perhaps some men should think differently though: surely getting a bit of joke made at their expense is better than the constant jokes about their bald head (remedied using hair transplants) or their penis size! So, men should remember that the mocking will end, however the great results will be around forever!

Men Are Generally Happier With Their Appearance

When it comes to the differences in psyche between men and women, it is evident that men are generally happier with their appearance than women. There is less pressure on men to conform to certain looks and men are generally happier to just laugh off any issues that they might have with their body. This is changing though, and now men account for over 10% of all cosmetic surgery procedures. This shows that the male attitude towards looking good is changing and that men are finally coming around to the idea that they don’t have to put up with their perceived imperfections.

Lack of Examples in the Media

For women, there are loads of different celebrities and other well-known people who have clearly had plastic surgery, and look great thanks to it. This therefore encourages women who see them to go in the same direction, and therefore drives up the number of women in total visiting a plastic surgeon. Men, on the other hand, don’t tend to have so many “role models” when it comes to plastic surgery, therefore meaning they aren’t given that push. Of course, if men looked hard enough, they’d see that plenty of celebrities have gone under the knife though (aside from Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant, which might not be the best advert).

Despite the reasons listed above, men are increasingly starting to come round to the idea of cosmetic surgery, although they still make up a small percentage of the total number of procedures throughout the country.

At Moorgate Aesthetics, we offer a large range of cosmetic surgery procedures for men, ranging from penis enlargement through to hair transplants, as well as a number of different procedures that can be for both men and women. If you are a man and want to find out more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we won’t tell any of your mates about it…

Celebrity Hair Transplants UK

Lots of male celebrities have been in the news over the last few years because they’ve made the decision to have a hair transplant. Gordon Ramsey, Wayne Rooney – and even X Factor judge Louis Walsh! This article at looks at the long list of male celebs who have undergone this treatment, showing that there’s a huge demand for a thick, healthy head of hair.




louis-Walsh-Hair-transplant before & after

The hair transplant operations and procedures that we have available are a real favourite with celebrities. We offer two types of hair transplant for men – FUE Transplant and FUT Transplant. The two types of transplant vary slightly, and each has its own merits. Typically we find that patients recover quickly from their hair transplant operation, and they’re able to boast long locks of hair after undergoing the procedure.


The FUT procedure allows surgeons to transplant thousands of hair grafts in just one session – if you’re looking for maximum cosmetic impact with your hair transplant operation, this is the procedure that you should opt for. The restoration is completed quickly during the FUT process, leading to minimal interference with the lives of our patients. Our FUT procedures create soft frontal hairlines, while giving our patients the fullest look.


FUE procedures, on the other hand, feature hair follicles that are harvested from a large area of the donor zone. Some FUE follicles harvested from borderline areas of the donor region are not truly permanent, so some of the transplanted hair can be lost over time. Further FUE hair transplant sessions can be difficult due to the scarring and distortion caused to the donor scalp.


If you’re interested to hear more about the hair transplants that we offer to our male patients, please contact us without delay by telephone or by email – we’ll be glad to assist you with your enquiry !


Six Celebs Who’ve Had Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the celebrity world, with actresses, singers and socialites all clamouring to increase their breast size.


Below you’ll find six celebs who have definitely had their breasts enlarged, and look great thanks to it..!

Salma Hayek

Salma_Hayek Georges Biard

Salma Hayek is on many a man’s wall, a Mexican sex-symbol with a knack for making great films. From Dusk Til Dawn through to Grown Ups, she’s tackled roles of all different types. She’s also quite clearly had a breast enlargement, and looks absolutely amazing thanks to them. She’s now 48 but still turns heads, which is testament to the amazing results breast augmentation can have.


Dolly Parton

Dolly_Parton_Eva Rinaldi

While some celebrities refuse to admit to cosmetic procedures, Dolly Parton quite openly admits that she has gone through loads, including breast enlargement. The procedure certainly hasn’t harmed her career though, and now her busty figure is almost a trademark, along with her blonde hair and, of course, her repertoire of classic songs. She’s probably not finished yet either, as she admitted that she’d have more surgery if she found anything “sagging or dragging”.


Victoria Beckham


The world’s favourite paparazzi target has gone from A cups through to D cups (possibly more, but she denies this) since 1999, when she was a worldwide name with the Spice Girls. 20 years after her singing career started, she still looks absolutely stunning, and along with David Beckham makes up perhaps the best-looking celebrity couple in the world (although Brad and Angelina might have something to say about this).


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Kaley_Cuoco_Mingle Media TV

You might not recognise the name instantly, but when you realise she’s Penny from the Big Bang Theory, you’ll know exactly who we’re talking about. The stunning actress has admitted to getting breast implants at the age of 18, and describes it as “the best decision I ever made”. And who are we to argue? She’s now one of the highest earning TV stars in the world, and recently married tennis player Ryan Sweeting in California.


Katie Price

Katie_Price_Phil Guest

Love her or hate her, there’s no doubting that most people in the country have heard of Katie Price – and that’s exactly what she wanted when she began her career. She’s gone from Page 3 to a national celebrity, and over that time has undergone various breast augmentations and reductions, until she finally landed on the perfect size for her.


Pamela Anderson


There’s no way we could finish this list without mentioning the world’s most famous plastic surgery – the breast enlargement received by Pamela Anderson. Even she wouldn’t deny that her spectacularly enlarged breasts have massively boosted her career, as well as making her FHM’s third sexiest woman of the last 20 years. She’s also another celebrity who hasn’t shied away from admitting to plastic surgery, but she could hardly deny it though, could she?

Of course, breast enlargement is probably not going to launch you into the realms of superstars, but it could well make a massive difference to your life. So, why not contact us today to find out more?

Plastic Surgery Or Not, Renee Zellweger Looks Great!

Online media, newspapers and magazines have been awash with stories over the last few days outlining just how different Renee Zellweger looks.

Renée Zellweger in 2014

Renée Zellweger in 2014

Renée Zellweger in 2010

Renée Zellweger in 2010

We just want to put one thing out there – we think that she looks absolutely great, plastic surgery or no plastic surgery! In an interview with People, Renee insists that she hasn’t undergone surgery – and who are we to question that?

At Moorgate Aesthetics we offer a range of cosmetic surgery procedures designed to enhance the way you look. Cosmetic surgery brings many benefits to the table – including the fact that it increases self-confidence and the way you feel about being in your own skin. Plastic surgery is a real favourite with celebrities because it allows them to achieve age defying looks – and you can too! There’s a common misconception that plastic surgery is only accessible for the very richest people out there, but that’s simply not true. With technological advances over recent years, plastic surgery is now safer and cheaper than ever thanks to faster treatment times and more efficient procedures.

The procedures available to those looking for cosmetic surgery include breast enlargement and breast uplift – as well as breast reduction, tummy tucks, face lifts, eye bag removal and eye reshaping. There’s a whole host of procedures available that can enhance the appearance of virtually any part of your body.

As we’ve already said, we think that Renee Zellweger looks absolutely great, whether she’s had plastic surgery or not. If you’re keen to start looking your best then why not contact us without delay to discuss the options available to you? Our impressive range of treatments is sure to feature one or two procedures that could help you to feel that little bit better about the way you look.

The Celebrity Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

The Celebrity Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

Rewind to the 90’s and accusing a celebrity of having cosmetic surgery would not well! It was almost a taboo thing to do – the celebrity in question would never actually admit to having the procedure.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and over the last few years there seems to have been a dark cloud lifted over the issue of cosmetic surgery – celebrities are openly admitting to the work they have had done. Gone are the days of celebrities hiding under a blanket, sneaking out the back door of a clinic. We are now witnesses to the openness of celebrity transformations, such as The Hills star, Heidi Montague, admitting to having ten cosmetic procedures done in one day! (Yes, ten!)

A lot of us, whether male or female, have parts of our body that we would like to change. One service a lot of us women have pondered over from time to time is breast augmentation. Whether you want to go bigger or smaller – inspired by Pamela Anderson, or the subtler look of Sarah Jessica Parker – you can gain a confidence boost with professional high standard clinics.

Celebrity Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrity Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

A more outwardly obvious cosmetic procedure favourite by celebrities is the face-lift. Whether you are looking to minimise crow’s feet and forehead lines, reshape or pin back your ears or go for a full face lift, there are fantastic services available. Like Nicole Kidman you can also create great changes with procedures such as Botox but for those looking for a more modern service on the market, research into Thread Lifting, a modern service using tiny threads to uplift sagging skin.

Rightly or wrongly we draw inspiration from the seemingly “flawless” and toned bodies of celebrities. If you struggle to change stubborn areas of your body and are looking to try fat reducing cosmetic procedures like Katie Price and Kathy Griffin, Vaser Liposuction is the latest service on the market offering the incredible transformations you seek. Vaser stands for vibration amplification of sound energy and incredibly allows you to leave after the procedure.

The list of cosmetic procedures are endless, so whether you are looking for a small procedure to boost your self-confidence or seeking work in multiple and often intimate areas, there are high quality accredited clinics offering consultations and procedures to tailor to you.


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