Can cosmetic surgery help your career prospects ?

Can cosmetic surgery help your career prospects ?


There has been much talk recently about age prejudice in the workplace. Many believe that employers discriminate against older applicants for no reason other than their age.
Just what this is based on exactly is unclear. Some of the resons given include

– Fears that the older employee may be more prone to sickness
-. They may not be able to cope with the pressures of work as much as a younger person.
– They are not interested in building a career , therefore they are seen as not worth the investment.

Of course, some of these assumptions, if not all, are very wide of the mark. More mature employees have plenty of life experience and can bring some maturity and priceless experience to a company. Some come from a time when your job was considered a vital part of your existance, therefore there can be a deep commitment to the role. Nowadays people move from position to position or even take career breaks which were unheard of not too long ago.

This discrimination in the workplace has lead some to consider cosmetic surgery in an attempt to get back into the workplace, or in some cases to keep in the top jobs. We see this more often than people might believe. It is especially true of those in senior Management positions or board positions where there is always constant pressure to look good and perform to the optimum.

These attempts to roll back the years need not be anything as drastic as a facelift, although there are plenty of those around, the most common treatments to hold back the years include botulinum toxin A treatments such as Azzalure, or antyi wrinkle fillers, sometimes caled dermal skin fillers, such as Restylane and juvederm. These give subtle but convincing changes by removing fine lines and wrinkles such as frown lines and nose to mouth lines.

The concern for many is openly admitting to having had the surgery in the first place, especially if this would be completely out of charactar for the employee in the first place. Anti wrinkle manufacturers such as restylane have been quick off the mark here and they are now producing treatments that actually fill in the lost facial volume and restore the ageing face without having to resort to a facelift.
These treatments are the future as people demand ever more dramatic changes without the downtime normally associated with cosmetic surgery.
As for those job hunters, it does seem a very drastic step to take to get back into employment. Okay, a little forwn line treatment is not going to be so dramatic, but cosmetic surgery is a serious business that should only be entered into after considering all of the facts, the potential risks and complications.

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