Can Breast Augmentation help with Tubular Breasts ?

We see many women who want to correct so-called “ tubular breasts”

Can breast augmentation help with tubular breasts?

Can breast augmentation help with tubular breasts?

This condition usually develops in puberty as the breasts first start to develop. It can have a fairly devastating effect on a young woman who may already be self-conscious about the changes taking place in her body. When the realization emerges that her breasts are not developing properly, it can lead to low self-esteem in the crucial developing years.

Remember that with tubular breasts we are not dealing with breasts that are just too small. Rather there are a set of deformities that need to be addressed. These deformities usually include one or more of the following…

Underdeveloped breasts, not enough skin on the breasts, an unsightly crease underneath the breast, and breasts that are not symmetrical. The term tubular breasts is given to breasts that resemble an elongated tube. This can be the case for just one breast, not always are both breasts affected.

Can breast augmentation help with tubular breasts ?

Yes it can but one should not confuse the two. Special attention has to be given to Patients with tubular shaped breasts as they present specific challenges to a Plastic Surgeon.

It is very important to choose a Plastic Surgeon with good experience of correcting tubular breast deformity. At Moorgate Aesthetics we have NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeons with experience of correcting many breast abnormalities including tubular breast deformity. Not all Patients present with exactly the same conditions. Some Patients have only mild deformity whilst others have severe tubular breast deformity that need very careful surgical planning and analysis.

At Moorgate Aesthetics you can be assured of a professional and considered approach. We take our time and ensure that you have all of the facts and figures relating to your case. More than enough to help you make an informed decision about proceeding with surgery.

This all starts with a free consultation with the Surgeon.  Here you will be examined and together you and the Surgeon will be able to plan your surgery to give you the breasts that you dreamed of.

If breast implants are proposed for your tubular breasts then you will have the reassurance that we use Mentor breast implants. These come with a lifetime guarantee against rupture. They are made by Johnson and Johnson, a world renowned pharmaceutical company.

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from in the Mentor range too, so getting just the right profile and size to correct your tubular breasts isn’t a problem

We even have a unique sizing system so you can see what the breasts will look like , even before you have had them done

It’s easy to arrange a free consultation for tubular breast surgery. Just give us a call on 03300 244 858 and we will do the rest. Remember that consultations are always free of charge and you will see the Plastic Surgeon at your very first visit, we have locations throughout the UK 

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