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The buttocks are among the most difficult areas of the body to sculpt and tone.

As many men and women have found, diet and exercise, even those targeting gluteal muscles, are often insufficient to produce an ideally contoured derriere. Buttock reshaping surgery with implants aims to provide a natural aesthetically proportionate figure that allows the patient to wear clothes of their choice and feel confident about their shape.

Flat buttocks are commonly genetic but may result following weight loss, illness or natural ageing. Get a firmer, higher Backside with Butt Implants Buttock (Gluteal) Augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to increase the projection and volume of the buttocks. The buttocks fitted with a soft silicone implant Gluteal Augmentation procedure involves the insertion of a carefully styled implant in the top of the bone area, and under the muscle through incisions that are hidden even in the smallest of underwear and swimwear.

Patient Testimonial

buttock-Implants-after2The Moorgate team treated me like a VIP right from the start and throughout. Everybody was 100% professional. Dr Horn my surgeon is just exceptional with an excellent eye for detail and symmetry. I have got exactly the look I wanted I can’t wait for summer to wear shorts and bikinis. I really have got the perfect JLO bum which I love. Roll on summer! – 

Susan Smith from London


Buttock Implants – Buttock Implants before & after pictures*


About Implants

Gluteal implants are made from a soft solid silicone and are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the individual patient’s build. We will discuss the type of implants during the consultation before any decision is made. Butt Implants can add curve and a fuller shape, or balance for symmetry. Firmer and Higher and more Toned. NOT bigger and larger. Like anything else in life, you’re going to find some bad press about Butt Implants and the Butt Lift. Lets face it: most of the bad press involves unqualified charlatans posing as Surgeons, or patients demanding excessive size be added to their backsides at Moorgate Aesthetics you are guaranteed a qualified UK Plastic surgeon who has experience in the Gluteal Augmentation procedure with before & after pictures of previous patients for added piece of mind.

Recovery from a buttock implant procedure will depend on the surgery that was performed. It is common for swelling to last up to 2-3 weeks. During this period, the patient must avoid putting weight on the buttocks. When sitting or lying down, the weight must be on the thighs or abdomen until the buttocks are fully recovered. The scarring will be mostly concealed as the incision is usually positioned in between the buttocks cheeks. The patient will be able to go back to a normal routine after 1-2 weeks, and exercises may be resumed after 6 weeks.


The quality of the implants used and the expertise of the surgeon are very important factors when it comes to the aesthetic satisfaction after the procedure. The implants should look and feel natural especially after the swelling subsides. When done correctly, your buttocks will look as natural as someone who spent weeks at the gym.


Buttock-implantsThis will depend on the patient’s body and personal goals. Natural method of fat transfers is advised if the patient has enough fat deposits that can be grafted and reinstated in a deflated butt. However, if the patient is thin, an implant is recommended as there may not be enough fat to transfer. It is also important to note that fat transfers do not last forever, and eventually the body will reabsorbs some of the fat. An implant offers a permanent solution. The pros and cons of both techniques must be discussed in detail so that the best decision can be made to meet the patient’s overall goals.


In the first couple of weeks after surgery, the patient must not put any weight on the buttocks and should place the weight on the thighs instead. Once the pain and swelling subside, the patient will be able to sit and go back to their normal routine. A soft pillow in the first several months will help ease some pressure. The implants are placed on the upper part of the buttocks and so patients must not be anxious if they are sitting on the implants. Over time, the implants will take on a natural look and feel.


Any significant weight gain after a cosmetic buttocks surgery may compromise the surgical results. This is a concern especially after a butt augmentation because fats are deposited in the buttocks area first, which will affect the shape and contour the surgery already achieved. It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good diet and regular exercise to ensure the long-term effect of this procedure.

For more information about Buttock Implants, or to book a consultation with us, please call now on 03300 244 858. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form so that we can assist you further.

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