Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgery
Breast enlargement surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the United Kingdom today. With the use of silicone breast implants, the breasts can be enlarged to compliment your overall body shape.

Key factors that women want to know when attending for consultation are:

  1. What size can I achieve after the breast enlargement surgery operation?.
  2. Should they be placed under or over the muscle ?
  3. Will they look natural or fake?
  4. What type of implants are best for me ?
  5. What side effects and risks are there for a breast enlargement surgery?

We can help answer these questions through our network of highly skilled Surgeons.

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For some women breast enlargement surgery is just not enough. As we age our breasts droop. This is also true after childbirth. In some circumstances a breast enlargement does not give enough lift to the breasts alone and a procedure called a mastopexy needs to be performed at the same time. A breast uplift can lift the breasts to a more natural position and giving a more favourable position of the nipple.A mastopexy can be performed on its own where the breasts are of an acceptable size, but the problem is they have dropped to a lower position.

Just as too small a breast is distressing to many women , so are breasts that are too large. Women with large pendulous breasts often suffer from pain in the back and in worse cases a stooping because of the weight of the breasts themselves. This can be very distressing indeed. Thankfully a procedure to reduce the breasts can be performed. This procedure aims not only to reduce the size of your breasts it also keeps your overall figure in proportion, it also aims to lift them to a more natural position. You can find out more about breast reduction by going to our breast reduction pages.

When requesting breast surgery , some women choose other associated procedures to be performed at the same time. These include reducing the size of the areola or the nipples themselves.


Breast-Surgery Advice

When considering breast surgery it is essential that you get sound professional advice from an appropriate medical specialist. For cosmetic surgery of the breasts that person is a Plastic Surgeon. A Plastic Surgeon will have undergone many years of medical training in the field of Plastic and cosmetic surgery. Some plastic Surgeons choose to specialise entirely in cosmetic surgery procedures. There are a number of accredited organizations to which fully qualified Plastic Surgeons belong. In the United Kingdom all Plastic Surgeons must be registered with the General Medical Council. A Plastic Surgeon may also be registered with other professional organizations such as The British Association of Plastic Surgeons ( B.A.P.S.) or the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (B.A.A.P.S).

To discuss breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast uplift surgery call Moorgate Aesthetics any time on 03300 244 858

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