Breast Surgery F.A.Q


Q. Can I choose the size of the implant for my breast enlargement surgery ?

A. Your Plastic Surgeon will spend time talking to you about implant size. Naturally he will want to know what size you are looking for, so he can get a clear image of the kind of result you want. The size is governed to a large extent by the amount of skin tissue that you have available to stretch over the implant. If too big implants are used then the breasts may not look natural. If you want the fake look, be sure to tell your Surgeon !

Q. Can I breast feed after having a breast enlargement surgery ?

A. Yes you can breast feed after a breast augmentation.

Q. I have heard that you get a bit of lift with an enlargement, but I am not sure if I might need a breast uplift as well. Will the Plastic Surgeon advise me of this ?

A.  This is a common situation. If your breasts have drooped significantly then breast enlargement surgery alone may not give you the result that you had in mind. Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to assess if a mastopexy would be an option for you. As a mastopexy has an additional scar, you need to consider all the pros and cons before deciding.

Q. How long do I need to take off work after breast enlargement surgery ?

A. This may depend on the type of work that you do. Most women plan to take between ten and fourteen days off work to recover. You can expect some discomfort afterwards and you will not be able to lift anything too heavy for around six weeks.

Q. I have small children , will I need some help ?

A. It’s a good idea to get some help in the first couple of weeks at least. Remember you will not be able to drive, depending on your surgeons advice for a couple of weeks or so. If you have young children you may not feel like picking them up, or you may not be able to do so at all. Remember you will be advised not to lift anything heavy.

Q. I am getting married and want my breast enlargement surgery in time for my wedding. Is this possible ?

A.  This is a common request. Yes of course you can have a breast enlargement for your wedding. Remember though that you must allow a few months for everything to settle down. Be mindful of your wedding dress as you may need to have a late fitting as your breasts settle down after the surgery.

Q. Should I tell my Doctor that I am having a breast enlargement surgery?

A. Normally your Plastic surgeon will request your permission to write to your Doctor to tell him that you are contemplating surgery and he may ask for details of your medical history if he needs further information to complete his assessment. In some cases where the Patient does not want to advise her Doctor the Surgeon will consider this request. However many Plastic Surgeons insist that as good practice , your Doctor is notified.
By all means have a chat to your Doctor. If your Plastic Surgeon is local then there is every chance that your family Doctor will know of your Plastic Surgeon.

Q. Will I need to have them replaced in the future ?

A. Breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime. You should expect to have them replaced at sometime in the future. As the years go by your breasts will age as the rest of your body does. There maybe a time when you would like another procedure to improve the look of them again as they age. This may require a breast re-augmentation with or without an uplift ( mastopexy )

Q. Can I have breast enlargement surgery under local anaesthetic ?

A. You may find that the procedure would be quite uncomfortable under local anaesthetic. You should discuss this at length with your Plastic Surgeon. He may suggest that you have a consultation with the Anesthetist who would attend your procedure. He is a specialist in anaesthesia and he should put your mind at rest regarding your choice and options of anaesthetic. Breast augmentation under general anaesthetic as a day case has become popular and this has reassured those looking for alternatives to ensure that they don’t have to stay in hospital overnight

Q. Can my husband see me after the operation ?

A.  Visitors are allowed after your surgery is over and you have sufficiently recovered from the operation. Different hospitals have different protocols for visitors so its worth checking with them first. Visitors are allowed at all clinics and hospitals

Q. I play tennis. How quickly can I start to play again ?

A. Generally speaking, you will be advised to ease yourself back into sports and exercise very gradually. Expect to be asked to wait up to six weeks before participating in sporting activities.

Q. Will they look natural ?

A.  Every effort is made by Plastic Surgeons to create natural soft breasts that look fantastic. Careful evaluation is made of a number of factors to determine the best chance of achieving this for you. Such factors include the size of your breasts to start with and the size that you wan them to be afterwards, your age and quality of your skin and your compliance with the aftercare regime. Ladies who want a full look tend to go for very large implants and these have a classic fake look. It has to be said that for many girls this is just the look that they want. Their fear is that they are not going to be big enough !.

Q. I have more questions, can I arrange a second consultation with the Plastic Surgeon ?

A.  Yes, this is not normally a problem. Plastic Surgeons know that you need time to digest all of the information. Sometimes it cannot all be taken in during one visit. If you feel that you have more questions or that there are some aspects that have not been covered fully, always request another consultation.

Q. How long does the operation take ?

A.  Typically around one hour. It can take up to two hours in more complicated cases.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon either give us a call or why not complete our Contact us form and we will be in touch with you directly for a chat.
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