Breast implants. How big should I go ?

There is a saying in cosmetic surgery that one breast enlargement surgery usually leads to another. All women know that at sometime in their lives those implants are not going to look as pert and wonderful as the day that they were done.

However, an increasing number wof women are having multiple operations to increase the size of the breasts. In many cases it is just not possible for the Plastic Surgeon to get the Patient to the size that she wants in the first operation, simply because there is not enough skin tissue available to stretch over the implants comfortably in the first place.

The issue of  breast implant size is something which conerns Plastic Surgeons greatly. They know that a proportion of Patients will wish that they had chosen bigger implants after their first operation has been done. This is coomplace in the industry. From the Patients perspective, it is easy to be braver in terms of the implant size after the operation. Many woen warn their Plastic Surgeon not to make them too big. Perhaps it is the sight of them in all their glory that inspires women to get them even bigger.

Of course, all this surgery costs money. Anyone thinking of having breast enlargement surgeyr should spend plenty of time thinking about the implant size. Remember that many other women are tempted to go back under the knife again , just to get that bigger size. These days there are special sizers which fit into the bra so you can see what the implants will look like when they are placed. This has led to lower complaints about implant size and this is welcomed by Plastic Surgeons and Patints alike

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