Breast Implant Guarantees

Breast Implant Guarantees


A number of clients have asked us to explain the differences in guarantees offered by Plastic Surgeons when it comes to breast implants..

Clients are keen to ensure that they get top quality breast implants, of course. The catastorphe of the P.I.P breast implant scandal has made women very nervous. On a positive note, this scandal has brought to the attention the importance of understanding what type of breast implants are being suggested for you by the Plastic Surgeon, and the guarantees that come with them.

There is little doubt that the P.I.P scandal has led to more and more women opting for ” lifetime Guarantees” on their implants. These are available from manufacturers such as Allergan. They promote a range of implants called “Natrelle”. Natrelle breast implants offer a lifetime guarantee against rupture and the company promise to make a contribution towads their replacement in the event of a rupture.

Of course, these implants cost more than standard breast implants. Many opt for Natrelle purely for the peace of mind.
We know of Plastic Surgeons who offer Patients a choice of implants with the standard ten year guarantee, or Natrelle implants with the lifetime guarantee. These Surgeons feel that the final choice should be that of the Patient, depending on attitude to risk, and of course the cost.

Plastic Surgeons do seem to be taking much more time in explaining the different options available to their Patients, which is good to see.

As for Patients, we feel that they should take plenty of time in researching the market and getting at least three different opinions from Plastic Surgeons before making up their mind.

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