Breast enlargement without surgery ?

Breast enlargement without surgery ?


We are often asked if there is a way to enlarge the breasts without having to gomunder the knife. Breast enlargement continues to be the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the United Kingdom, and most probably across the rest of Europe.
The fears over the potential effects of silicone on the body still remain although far less than in the past, its has to be said. Modern breast implants are of a very high quality and there have been improvements in the outer shell of impants over recent years.
However what are the choices if you are looking for a non surgical solution for breast augmentation ?

One request that we get now and again is ” Can you transfer some of my fat from another area and put it into the breasts ?”

The answer is it can be done, but it seems to us that results out there are very mixed. We dont offer fat transfer for breast augmentation because we have yet to be convinced that the results are aesthetically pleasing and the results long lasting.

We do know some Doctors who are expecially talented in tranfering fat from one area of the body to others, however all of them resist the temptation to try and transfer the fat to breasts , mainly for the reson we have described above

If you are looking to have a breast augmentation our advice would be to speak to your Plastic Surgeon and discuss the range of breast implants available today, before you consider any other potential options. There are a wide range of implants available , including specially shaped ” anatomical” implants which are specially designed to assist women with tubular shaped breasts.

We cannot leave this subject without mentioning so called, ” breast enlargement pills”.

We have yet to meet anyone, or speak to any other medical professional, who has , or has known anyone who has managed to increase their breast size with pills. These arwe widely sold across the internet and its probably best to steer clear of these, and save your money.

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