Breast enlargement daycase, good idea or not

Breast enlargement daycase, good idea or not ?


I am often asked by Patients if they should choose to have their breast enlargeement as a daycase procedure. They ask me this question usually because they have been offered a very tempting price to do so. Having a breast enlargement as a daycase can save you over £ 300 on the overnight cost. This is because the hospital do not have to employ staff overnight to look after you.

It seems to me that opinion amongst Plastic Surgeons is divided on this subject. Many Plastic Surgeons want to keep their Patients in hospital overnight to get 24 hours of observation. This is especially true if they have drains in situ. Surgeons often like to see the drains removed before the Patient goes home.

On the other hand many Plastic Surgeons routinely offer breast enlargement as a daycase procedure and claim there are no additional complications from doing so. It s perhaps fair to say that many of these Surgeons will insist that thir Patient is operated on early in the ay to allow sufficient recovery time. If you are asked to go into hospital late in the day for a daycase procedure, then this should be questioned.

Now back to that issue over price. If you are going into hospital just for the day, make sure that you are getting a favourable price over the overnight cost. Some of the savings should be passed on to you as the Patient, and to be fair many clinics and Plastic Surgeons do just that, mostly in an effort to attract more Patients.

So, if the thought of staying in hospital overnight fills you with dread, by all means take a look at a Breast enlargement daycase procedure. But do your homeowrk well before you take the plunge

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