Fat Transfer to Buttocks


Bigger Natural Buttocks using your Own Fat

Fat Transfer Buttock augmentation has been around for many years, but recently there has been a high demand for this procedure. At Moorgate Aesthetics our Doctors and Plastic Surgeons have considerable experience in the transfer of fat to the buttocks with lasting results. With the latest trend in the celebrity scene many women are demanding a bigger bum with a more natural result, without the use of silicone implants. Fat is the perfect filler because as it is taken from the patient’s own body. Because the fat is injected, no large incisions are needed. There are lots of reasons women & men choose Fat transfer, as already mentioned the main reason is as an alternative to silicone implants. There is an extra benefit of course in that it is excess fat that is used from the stomach, thighs or flanks area ( buttock area in the case if breast augmentation )

Buttock Enlargement – Buttock Reshaping before & after pictures*








Our Patient Miss K from London SaysI am so happy with the results of my fat transfer to buttocks. I did a lot of research into different clinics and surgeons and my results speak for themselves. A big thank you to Dr MIleto and all at Moorgate Aesthetics.


The Benefits of Fat Transfer Procedure

  1. No foreign object in body
  2. Natural results
  3. Quick recovery
  4. No large incisions or large scars
  5. Liposuction procedure for extraction of the fat
  6. No Silicone implant problems to worry about
  7. Minimally invasive
  8. Finance available subject to status on fat transfer to breasts or buttocks

Moorgate Aesthetics offer exclusive private consultations with some of the United Kingdom’s leading Plastic Surgeons. Before pressing ahead with fat transfer to buttocks, it’s essential that you get sound professional advice from a fully qualified plastic surgeon. At Moorgate Aesthetics we guarantee that you will meet a expert on your very first visit.

For more information about Fat Transfer to your Buttocks, or to book a consultation with us, please call now on 03300 244 858. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form so that we can assist you further.

Buttock Enlargement now with the latest Puregraft filtration system

Moorgate Aesthetics are proud to announce the arrival of the fabulous Puregraft filtration system to their services. Puregraft is now used in our fat transfer procedures to enlarge your buttocks. This unique system has significant advantages over standard techniques to harvest and prepare fat for transfer.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Puregraft for your Buttock Enlargement procedure

  • A proven system to deliver a longer lasting fat transfer to your buttocks
  • Over 30,000 Patients treated to date with a fat transfer procedure with Puregraft
  • Now used in over 50 countries
  • Puregraft removes more than 97% of lipid and blood within the graft. Standard techniques contain more than 10x the number of contaminants. The Presence of lipid and blood within a fat graft to the buttocks can cause inflammation , tissue damage and reduced graft retention. Removal of these contaminants is critical for the best outcome possible.
  • Puregraft is the only system that has been clinically validated in humans to improve long term graft retention.
  • The same high quality fat tissue for your Buttock Enlargement procedure in every syringe used for the transfer.
  • Faster procedure than standard fat harvesting techniques, therefore reduced surgery time.

The Fat Transfer Process

Fat grafting to the breast consists of a combination of two procedures performed on the same day: first, harvesting the fat and second,  placement of the fat into the buttocks. To begin, fat is removed with a harvesting cannula connected to a small syringe. After the fat harvest, the patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate cells known as platelets which contain stem cells, ( the platelets slow the reabsorption process ) which are mixed with harvested fat and injected into the breasts.   These micro-fat transfer (autologous grafts) are harvested by gentle liposuction from the thighs and stomach–wherever there is fat to spare. The fat cells then integrate into the surrounding bum tissue over a number of weeks, resulting in more defined and firmer buttocks. while the patient receives the benefit of liposuction.

By using your own fat, we will fulfill your desire of having a bigger bum. New moms also love our procedure, since it is perfect to restore volume that normally dissipates after child-birth. As compared to implants, natural buttock enhancement techniques such as herbal remedies, creams, foods, and exercise, buttock augmentation with fat transfer involves no large incisions, no large linear scars and no foreign objects.

Procedure time

The entire procedure typically takes around 2 hours to perform is done as outpatient, under general anaesthesia


Average recovery time is 2-4 days, generally quicker than implant surgery.

How much will fat transfer to buttocks cost?

Fat Transfer buttock augmentation is basically a 2 in1 treatment, involving fat grafting and liposuction. The cost of the procedure is based on the extent of the procedure and the amount of fat to be transferred to the bum. every fat transfer is unique, the only way to find out how much your transfer will cost is to book a consultation with our qualified plastic surgeon .

Finance is available for fat transfer to buttocks, currently Moorgate aesthetics can help arrange  0% interest subject to status, so you only pay back what you have borrowed with affordable monthly payments, this can be arranged at your consultation when you have discussed the final cost of your fat transfer procedure with .

How quick will I see the results?

You will see results straight away, some of the fat that is originally grafted to the buttocks will be reabsorbed by the body the results will improve as the implanted fat becomes a part of your bum during the months after treatment.

How long will the results last?

Results are permanent, as long as you keep your weight stable; however the implanted fat will change and evolve naturally as your body ages. You may require top ups due to your body absorbing the fat

Does the patient have to have a specific amount of body fat?

As the fat for your transfer is sourced from your own body, the treatment is not appropriate for those with little body fat and an experienced professional will need to access you through consultation to ensure it will be beneficial for what you are looking for. However, if you have some spare fat in specific areas, this procedure will have double benefits: get rid of the excess fat and enlarge your bum.

I heard sometimes fat cells get absorbed by the body after transferring to the bum area?

Experts now realise that limiting factor for successful buttocks augmentation is not the graft, but the area in which the grafts are placed. The larger this area and the better it is prepared, the more fat we can graft inside the better the fat will survive. After the fat harvest, the patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate cells known as platelets which contain stem cells, which are mixed with harvested fat and injected into the breasts.  the platelets slow the reabsorption process

For more information about Fat Transfer to Buttocks, or to book a consultation with us, please call now on 03300 244 858. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form so that we can assist you further.

*pictures courtesy of surgeon Gary Horn

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