Best time for a facelift

Best time for a facelift

Many of our clients eventually get round to the burning question ” do I need a facelift, and when is the best time to get one done ? ”
In truth, there is no concrete answer to this question. What is for certain is that as the years roll on, wrinkles make way for redundant skin around the jowels and neck area, and it this that prompts many to consider taking the plunge.
For some its a difficult call. For years they have been happy to have their six or twelve monthly top up of Juvederm or restylane and keep those wrinkles at bay.
But what can you do when those jowels and turkey neck take over ?.
Lets take a look at the pros and cons of the traditional facelift and then we can look at some non surgical alternatives ( yes, time has moved on )

Lets consider the upside for a moment….

1. A facelift will make you look around ten years younger and should last for arounf ten years.

2. It will remove the sagging skin around the neck and jowel area, leaving a tighter younger looking face.

3. Facelifts produce a striking result and can give you a new self confidence.

4. This can all be achived in a two to four hour surgery.

5. Can be combined with other procedures such as eyebag removal or browlift for optimum results.

6. Facelifts have come a long way and there are now various different procedures open to the Plastic Surgeon, such as the MACS lift for example , or even the so called one stitch facelift.

Okay, so thats the upside, Now lets look at some of the reasons that put some clients off the thought of a facelift.

1. Its an operation, yes we know you know that ,but with surgery comes risk. Some of the risks and complications associated with facelifts include.

– Swelling and bruising, expect this is a matter of course.
– Risk of infection. Same as for any surgical procedure.
– Haematoma, seroma. Again same as for any operation.
– Not happy with the result. This can stem from over expectation of the procedure. Or the results maybe under par due to poor surgery.
– Over correction of the loose skin could give you the ” wind tunnel” look , sometimes seen in celebrities.
– Poor healing leaving unslightly scars.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures there is risk. We have seen some fantastic facelifts and its true to say we have seen some not so good ones. Make sure that you research your Plastic Surgeon well and try to go on recommendation ( someone who has had the same procedurer though)

Now lets turn to some non surgical solutions before we tackle that original question of timing.

Over the past ten years a lot of research has been done on non surgical options of correcting the ageing face, without surgery. One of the most interesting options we have seen is the ” threadlift”. This technique takes very fine threads and anchors them underneath the skin to the muscle therefore creating a lift. This can be done in a treatment room in some cases and requires no downtime as the the traditional facelift does. We think these will be come more popular over the next five years.

Our clients often say their face has lost volume. They are concerned that the face is taking on a hollow look which they done like. There are treatments that done involve surgery that can make a big improvement here.
Restylane have developed a treatment which they call Restylane skinboosters and restylane restore which replaces lost volume to the face. These are cutting edge treatments and give stunning results. Again it means that there is no hospital or operating theatre to endure and no downtime. We like these a lot and there is no doubt that these treatments and other similar concepts yet to be launched, will be the future for anti aging treatments.

Before embarking on the facelift take a look at these non surgical options. The key here is to be clear about what you want to achieve. It maybe that you are not ready for a facelift or perhaps a non surgical option could give you the results that you are looking for.

Now back to that questions again. ” When is the best time to have a facelift?”

If you are in the fifties it maybe that the jowels and turkey neck are just starting to show. A facelift at this time will be less striking as the surgery will not require so much redundant skin to be removed. Many women ( and men) dont like the idea that everyone will know that they have had surgery. A procedure at this time could enable you to get away with not telling anyone, presuming that you can hibernate for the two weeks afterwards when the swelling and bruising appears.

A facelift in your sixties or even your seventies will probably mean that you cannot get away without telling anyone. The chances are that the result will be quite dramatic. Putting the surgery off means that you have also put off the cost. Whilst we are on the subject of cost, a facelift can cost aywheer between £ 5000 to £ 30,000. So whenever you plan to have your facelift you need to prepare for what is quite a significant investment.

After the facelift you will still need to continue with the anti wrinkle injections that you were having before. This is because a facelift cannot improve lines above the top lip for example ( sometimes callled smokers lines ). If you are a lover of the lip enhancment , then again you will need to continue with these.

These treatments can compliment the facelift very nicely of course. Providing the finishing touches to the Plastic Surgeons work.

If you are considering a facelift we are always happy to have a chat about it over a coffee and help you explore all of the options.

Perhaps the best bit of advice we could give about the timing of a facelift is to take your time. Dont rush into a procedure that you later regret. You should spend time having at least three consultations for a surgical facelift before maing up your mind. You could also see your GP for advice. Three consultations are often suggested as Plastic Surgeons may give you a different opinion on the type of facelift that they would like to do for you.

Until you are ready for the facelift, continue to explore those non surgical solutions as more and more procedures are being developed to improve the face , without having to resort to the knife.

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