Baldness ? Shave your head and don’t worry about it ….yeah right !

I see a lot of men who are suffering from hair loss. Most of them are in the early twenties or thirties,  and its fair to say they are pretty devastated.


Do you really want to shave it all off?

Even if your father is bald and has been as long as you can remember, nothing can quite prepare you for losing your own hair.

They say that hair is the crowning glory of women, well I can show you plenty of men who feel the same.

Young men who suffer significant hair loss can look much older than their years, they know this of course and its this fact that upsets them the most. It can be confidence sapping and an obstacle in developing relationships.

I see lots of men who come for consultation with their spouse or partner. Whilst many partners are sympathetic to the problem , others can be dismissive. “ I like him as he is “, “ I don’t know why he is worried “ , are typical comments.

Some women suggest that the easiest ( and cheapest) solution to their Partners hair loss is to shave the head completely and forget about it. These comments are made usually, in a way which is meant to be constructive, but the fact remains that in most cases they are very unhelpful.

When the partner of a balding man rolls this old chestnut out I usually ask them if they would be prepared to do the same if they started to lose their hair. That usually puts that suggestion to bed.

I am convinced baldness is accepted in society as something that happens to men, but if it’s happening to you, well that’s something else. For many men baldness is something that can only happen to others.

I remember a time in the mid nineties when skinhead haircuts were the style to be seen with ( at least for young men ). For those losing their hair this was a style that was heaven-sent. Short hair styles tend to take the accent off hair loss. As a result hair transplants  were not so popular. Now things seem to have changed completely. Whilst there is nothing against a short hairstyle, latest male fashion trends in hair seem to favour longer styles.

This is especially true of hairstyles which leave the hair longer on the top. To a balding man this can spell trouble since longer hair on top tends to add weight to the hair, therefore making the balding areas more visible. The only exception to this perhaps is if you are a fan of the much maligned comb over.

So, hair transplants are back again big time. More and more men are following the Wayne Rooney trail and getting a FUT or FUE hair transplant.

Modern day hair transplants are completely natural looking and the fact that celebrities are openly taking the plunge is testament to that.

Overall Partners of balding men are thankfully very supportive when they understand how distraught their other half is about losing their hair. For him it’s a race against time to stop their hair falling out any more and re-growing the hair that’s been lost.

At the end of the day is all boils down to a race for lost confidence and the necessity to hold on to all that is associated with being young, including having a head of hair.

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