Are Buttock Implants Safe?

Are Buttock Implants Safe?

Are Buttock Implants Safe?

Gluteoplasty is a form of plastic surgery which is used to alter the appearance of the buttocks. This surgery can include liposuction to shrink the buttocks, Fat transfer to Buttocks and as well as the insertion of buttock implants in order to alter the shape and size of the buttocks.

A lot of people travel abroad to have buttock implants fitted, because the surgery is more affordable in other countries. However, there are some risks associated with doing this.

There have been several high profile cases of people becoming seriously ill, or even dying, after incorrectly performed plastic surgery being performed on their buttocks. The procedure, in which surgeons inject a synthetic biopolymer into the buttock, is one that has been carried out tens of thousands of times in the country. While many women have no ill effects from the surgery, it is one that can often go wrong. The polymer flows like a liquid, and it can spread uncontrolled through the tissues, with painful and sometimes fatal side effects.

The biopolymer implants are now banned, but there are sill some unlicensed clinics that perform these operations, and some people opt to have them done because they are so cheap. This is an unwise decision, and those who make it are taking serious gambles with their health and with their appearance.

Non-Silicone Implants are Safer

There are other implants available that are much safer. Having sub-muscular implants fitted is lower risk. Saline solution implants are generally lower risk than silicone ones. Solid silicone implants are another option (since they are solid, they will not leak), and these are a good option too. However, there is always the risk of infection from the operation itself, but this risk is with all cometic surgery procedures and Moorgate Aesthetics have a good reputation for our customer service and after care.

Tourism for the purposes of cosmetic surgery is something that must be researched carefully. While there are some high quality clinics in affordable countries such as Turkey, in general someone who is looking to have surgery done would be better off staying in their home country. There are cosmetic surgery clinics in the USA and the UK that perform safe, low-risk procedures, and that are governed by the high safety standards of those countries. When you have surgery in the USA or the UK you are guaranteed to get a higher standard of after-care, and you can be confident that the implants will be made of a safe material.

Moorgate Aesthetics carry out two procedures of Gluteoplasty

Fat transfer to Buttocks – Fat is the perfect filler because as it is taken from the patient’s own body. Because the fat is injected, no large incisions are needed.

buttock implants – The buttocks fitted with a soft silicone implant The Gluteal Augmentation procedure involves the insertion of a carefully styled implant in the top of the bone area, and under the muscle through incisions that are hidden

See our prices for Buttock Implants & Fat transfer to Buttocks

For more information about Buttock Implants, or to book a consultation with us, please call now on 03300 244 858. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form so that we can assist you further.

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