Why Do Men Worry about Penis Size ?

BBC-3-Documentary-picThis topic might be spoken about in whispers or jokes but is often discussed in psychology by professionals. Unlike other medical aspects like a hair transplant surgery or diabetes, penis size is a matter of grave concern for men. Does size matter? Does it foretell a man’s ability to accomplish sexual pleasure and equally fulfill all necessities in bed? A lot of men hang their insecurities into something that lies hidden inside their pants for almost the entire day. But when a psychiatrist defines this, the answer is simple: it’s all in the mind!

why do men worry about penis size ?

why do men worry about penis size ?

What to Worry About?

As is often noticed, if you watch a group of men sitting with their wives or girlfriends at a bar, there will be an odd one out who will face severe anxiety issues because of an unhappy manhood. This situation can also arise if the man cannot pleasure his woman in bed or is facing severe erectile dysfunctions. Social anxiety is critically the reason why men worry about penis size especially since they have an inbound instinct to be dominant and long lasting in bed. If a man is suffering from a sad break up from a relationship which ended because their love and sex lives wasn’t ‘good enough’, this can often be another cause of worry.

The small penis syndrome is basically a myth because as research speculates, men face no trouble communicating with their bed partner irrespective of their size. However there are 60% males out of this lot who face the pressure of not being ‘big enough’ to satisfy their better half. Such a sexual strain can be harmful to one’s relationship and can affect a man’s mental stability thus leading to anxiety. So there is a generation of men who worry about their penis size, a result of which they become health freaks or join a fitness club. More dangerous cases have been reported where men consume supplements or penis enlargement pills to enhance the growth of their genitals.

This compulsive rumination of continuously analyzing the size of the penis can arise from many situations. British urologists, Wylie and Ian Eardley reported that people who face eating disorders might be insecure about their genital size. Most men feel that women are attracted to well endowed men, which again is a sad hoax. Men want to have a bigger penis not just for better coitus but for an overall healthier physique. In the process of body building, men don’t just look towards increasing their muscles, but also the size of the penis. This obsession about how the body looks is an inferiority complex that needs to be diminished.


Self defeat, low confidence and disregard of logical sense can consume a man to go to any limits just to gain public approval. If you want to attain the privileges of being a male, then don’t give in to cheap attempts just to improve your body assets, speak to one of our surgeons and have our Penis enlargement specialist see if you really need to have surgery or if you are maybe suffering from small penis syndrome. Being proud of one’s body and looks is the most confident means of moving on with life.

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