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I am a regular customer of Moorgate.  

Dr James does a fantastic job and I wouldn't trust any other place to get this done. I am going to send in a couple of photos on erection as there doesn't seem to be much about the look of the penis in the erect state after filler treatment. Anyway, I would recommend anyone wanting this treatment to go for it and thanks to all the staff at Moorgate as usual.

Mr Fagan    April 25, 2017    Manchester   
I have to admit to feeling anxious about having the procedure.  

The consultation process provided was open, honest and also not in any way pushy. The ability to call and discuss with a previous client helped cement my decision. I am so happy I went ahead with the procedure. It feels game changing. I was delighted with the instant results, felt absolutely zero pain or discomfort even in recovery. Today 2 weeks in and will the final result I can say it's exceeded all expectations. I feel much more confident both as a lover and also as a man, especially now in the gym locker room. The flaccid gains have impressed me most, it hangs much better and looks impressive, however, erect gains are impressive and it has had a positive impact on both sex drive and pleasure. I will make Moorgate and this procedure an annual part of my PE maintenance program without a doubt, I can't recommend highly enough and thanks again!

Mr C Doherty    April 9, 2017    Northern Ireland   
My experiences with Moorgate have been nothing but positive.  

My penis is now 7.5 inches and 5.5 inches thick! After speaking with David at my first consultation he was friendly and knowledgeable and took a dignified approach to my procedure. As a man, it isn’t always easy to talk about having a small penis but the staff really listened to my concerns and I can certainly say it has given me a new self confidence. Plus the ladies are more than happy with my results! I am now on my fifth procedure and cannot thank Moorgate enough.

Eric York    March 21, 2017    York   
Gynecomastia - The staff at Moorgate went above and beyond with helping me.  

After almost a year, a lot of research and four different consultations with different doctors. I finally decided to go with Moorgate Aesthetics and the amazing Dr. Navid Jallali.

Although it may be in the higher price range, it is well worth spending that extra money for the service and peace of mind you get.

The staff at Moorgate went above and beyond with helping me and answering all of my questions. And I honestly could not give them a higher recommendation.

As for my surgeon Dr. Navid Jallali, all I can really say is amazing and a really nicest guy. From the moment I met him in the consultation, he put me at ease. He talked me through exactly what would go on with the surgery and managed my expectations.

I had my surgery on December 7th, 2016, which was a few weeks before Christmas. On Christmas Eve I called the hospital and got hold of the doctor, at five minutes before midnight on Christmas Eve, which In itself is incredible.

All through my healing process, follow-up appointments etc. Dr. Jallali has been the most amazing doctor you could ever wish for.

I know I have more healing to go but honestly, I'm so happy with the results so far and cannot wait for the next few months to see how things finally look.

Thank you to Dr. Jallali and the team at Moorgate Aesthetics for making this experience amazing.

Mr P Logan    March 3, 2017    London   
This is the second treatment that I have had with Moorgate , and it’s the best yet.  

I am delighted with the girth. It’s easy to get done and I like the fact that I don’t have to have any time off work.

Williams    January 17, 2017    London   
Penis enlargement injections  

This is the second treatment that I have had with Moorgate , and it’s the best yet. I am delighted with the girth. It’s easy to get done and I like the fact that I don’t have to have any time off work.

Williams    October 17, 2016    London   
Just a quick message to let you know the staff were lovely  

the nurses and the receptionist spot on. The pre op Nurse and the recovery Nurse were reassuring and lovely. The Anaesthetist was a pure gentleman and made me very at ease. It was the only part I was scared of and he made me feel very comfortable.
Shivram has done a great job and was very caring with me and I have been in the smallest ever amount of pain.
I would like to thank you for helping me to find that team and to thank them for their professional and caring ways.
Carrie from Birmingham. Breast augmentation and labia reduction.

Carrie    October 18, 2015    Birmingham   
Once again I wish to thank you for the hard work and professionalism throughout  
Author Picture

Hi Amanda & David,

My sincerest apologies this has taken so long to reach you, I really do wish to convey my utmost gratitude in all your continuing support in aiding me through this final chapter of my body transformation. In doing so I give my wholehearted consent for any video, photos or any of the below to be used so to aid people in a similar situation as myself in their decision making. Because of your services, I am finally where I want to be and have the confidence I thought I would never have.

As you are both well aware I used to be a very large gentleman weighing in excess of 20 stone which troubled my throughout my teens. Having started to take responsibility for my weight at the age of 19 it has been a long hard slog to get down to the mere 12 stone I happily weigh today. Several years ago having lost a lot of weight, I was hanging at around the 14-15 stone mark still discontent with my appearance but happy that I had come a fair way.

At that time I started to explore the options of getting the abdominoplasty and chest reduction done as I could see there was an amount of skin sagging. I knew I hadn't reached my goal weight so continued with my diet and exercise regime until finally consulting with you both late last year. Since starting to lose weight I had been forced to wear skin tight vests beneath my clothes to conceal the skin sagging around my stomach and breasts, being in a customer facing sales driven role I couldn't been seen to have a lack of confidence which always wore on me.

You were always efficient, attentive and went the extra mile from start to finish in all of my dealings with you. I describe the 13TH December last year as my 'rebirth' cause finally after such a long term struggle with weight it dawned on me; I didn't have to wear a skin tight vest any more, I could just be happy within myself and feel comfortable in the skin I am now in cause of the operation!!

Now that we are several months down the line I must say I am so happy with Dr Jallali's work! There is minimal scarring and I face every day without having the thought in the back of my head that everyone is looking at me. Since the op I have even been, ON MY FIRST EVER, beach holiday with a group of old friends from high school.

Once again I wish to thank you for the hard work and professionalism throughout.


Matthew Kent - Webster - see Matthew's Full story here

Matthew kent - Webster    August 6, 2015    Essex   
Why women should have a hair transplant surgery  

I think that of a hair transplant surgery women can benefit a lot. You can create a new hair line which will alow you to have any hair style you want. aswell you can change your face shape by creating different shape of your hair line and shorter, smaller etc. forehead. Or you can create a fuller thicker hair look if you have a hair thining problems or just naturally less hair at some areas. Im so happy with my surgery and cant wait for a full result xxx

Miss R    July 15, 2015    Birmingham   
I can't recommend Moorgate Aesthetics enough !!  

From start to finish I have been looked after before during and after my procedure.
Dr jalali has made me such a happy woman after having my 2 babies 🙂 I feel like a woman again !
I was looked after by all the staff at the hospital and don’t have a bad word to say about it. I would recommend to anyone !!!

Leah    April 23, 2015    Essex   
My Boob Operation  
Author Picture

I'm so pleased with the outcome with my breasts and would advise anyone who is thinking about having implants do it, it changes ‎you for the better completely as I feel whole now like I was supposed to have this size breast my confidence is through the roof I can't wait till summer to arrive to ware bikinis and dresses. The company I went with is the best as I did my research and the surgeon is one of the best in the country working in all the top hospitals. The support all the way through was very thorough and I could call at any time for questions and advice as for the hospital where I had my op the staff were brilliant I felt so at home. Mills Medical Services were so professional and friendly made my cosmetic surgery so much easier and enjoyable there is not a single thing that I could complain about or change.
Again to everybody at Mills Medical Services a big Thank you

Kelsey    April 10, 2015    London   
I'm very pleased with my hair transplant surgery.  

It's a very safe and comfortable procedure. Big thank you to Dr Haseeb and his team for looking after me and my friend.

I am looking forward to seeing the results in 4 to 6 months time.

Rita    February 19, 2015    Birmingham   
Procedure Abdominoplasty with Plastic Surgeon, Dr Navid Jallali.  

They were very friendly. I put my trust in their judgement and abilities. I was happy with the friendly knowledgeable staff. I had been waiting for this for 24 years, I was so excited.I had absolutely no nerves whatsoever. When I arrived at the hospital I got seen to straight away.
I was in surgery in no time. The nurses were so excellent, friendly and caring. You definitely need a two day stay. All went well as I expected. The staff at Moorgate Aesthetics were excellent too. I cant praise the procedure high enough from start to finish.
Everything was handled professionally and positively. I am an extremely happy client and would definitely recommend Moorgate Aesthetics to any of my , family or. Colleagues that would be interested.
Thank you so much.

Miss K W    February 17, 2015    Essex   
I am so happy with the results of my fat transfer to buttocks.  

I did a lot of research into different clinics and surgeons and my results speak for themselves. A big thank you to Dr MIleto and all at Moorgate Aesthetics.
Miss K

Miss K    January 23, 2015    London   
Excellent Consultant and Surgeon for my FUT hair transplant.  

I felt right at home. Pain free surgery and really comfortable environment.

A Sandhu    January 17, 2015    London   
Helena was brilliant. She made my entire life change.  

I am much more confident and comfortable with myself.

I have already recommended a friend to come and have a consultation.". Breast augmentation and uplift.

with Dr Helena Antoniadou

Miss S Fagan    July 20, 2014   

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