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You can make it Longer and Thicker with Penis Enlargement Surgery.

The operation to enlarge the length and girth of the penis in penis enlargement surgery is called a penoplasty. Many men are worried about the size of their penis and are afraid that they don’t measure up compared to their friends. Most men worry about the size of the penis in the flaccid state, since it is bigger when it is erect anyway. For some, both the flaccid and erect size is a big worry.


Moorgate Aesthetics are at the forefront of penis enlargement surgery in the United Kingdom. We receive hundreds of enquiries every month for our services.

moorgate-male-patientTake a look at why we set ourselves apart from the competition.

  • Free Unlimited aftercare check ups
  • Out Of Hours Emergency Helpline
  • All surgery carried out in United Kingdom CQC registered hospitals and clinics ( no surgery abroad )
  • Very flexible finance plans with no deposit options.


Penis Enlargement now with the latest Puregraft filtration system


Moorgate Aesthetics are proud to announce the arrival of the fabulous Puregraft filtration system to their services. Puregraft is now used in our fat transfer procedures to thicken the penis. This unique system has significant advantages over standard techniques to harvest and prepare fat for transfer.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Puregraft for your penis thickening procedure

  • A proven system to deliver a longer lasting fat transfer to your penis
  • Over 30,000 Patients treated to date with a fat transfer procedure with Puregraft
  • Now used in over 50 countries
  • Puregraft removes more than 97% of lipid and blood within the graft. Standard techniques contain more than 10x the number of contaminants. The Presence of lipid and blood within a fat graft to the penis can cause inflammation , tissue damage and reduced graft retention. Removal of these contaminants is critical for the best outcome possible.
  • Puregraft is the only system that has been clinically validated in humans to improve long term graft retention.
  • The same high quality fat tissue for your penis thickening procedure in every syringe used for the transfer.
  • Faster procedure than standard fat harvesting techniques, therefore reduced surgery time.

The size of the penis can be significantly enhanced without affecting sexual performance or sensitivity with enlargement surgery for men.

It is true to say that penis enlargement surgery is not performed by too many Plastic Surgeons. It is a very specialised surgery and we refer clients to two of the country’s most experienced Surgeons for enlargement surgery for men.

It should be remembered that your sexual experience will not be enhanced by having the penile enlargement surgery itself (except that you will feel more confident in sexual encounters that is) however, the female vagina is most sensitive in the lower third area, it is more important to increase the thickness of the penis when having penis enlargement surgery, of course it is possible to increase just the length if the penis has good thickness already.

Most men who have penis enlargement surgery choose to have both the length and thickness enhanced at the same time.

Another tip to help make your penis look larger is to shave the pubic hair, or at least trim it back. This will make it look as though you have a bigger penis. It may also help to lose weight on the abdomen especially in the pubic region in the lower part.

Ten facts about penis enlargement surgery

How to make your Penis Bigger !!

Dr Lisa Marie from Moorgate Aesthetics explains how you can make your penis Bigger !! You can try Non-Surgical Procedures and Surgery Procedures to make your penis Bigger. Watch and listen Dr Lisa who has all the answers.

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Read Our Patient Stories

Read Andrews Story here

I am 27 single and live in Manchester. The size of my penis is putting my life on hold. I have had lots of girlfriends but when it comes to sex it has got to the point now where I am putting it off.

One or two of my girlfriends commented about my size, and things got a worse from then on. I know my penis is small, actually it never seemed to grow from puberty. Everything works OK but it’s just the size. I had length and girth increase surgery and didn’t tell anyone I was going to have it done.  I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time so nobody else needed to know. My penis is about an inch longer , maybe a bit less, and roughly the same thicker.

The clinic told me that this was about as much as could be expected but I was happy with anything that could be done. I liked the fact that they didn’t promise me the earth and I had two consultations with them before I booked the surgery.

After the surgery it settled down after a week, more or less. I did have a problem with morning erections and the doctor told me to put an ice  pack on the penis to get it down, apparently it is not good for the scars  if this happens. I was on the phone a lot to the clinic as I wanted to be sure I was doing the right things just after the operation. I am using an extender now for three months because the penis can shorten again if you don’t use one after the operation. My advice to anyone thinking of having the surgery is to do your homework and then if you are sure, go for it. I haven’t had sex yet, but I think that when that time comes I will be happier than  I was before, that’s for sure.

I had to do something and I am glad I did .

Read Robs Story here

My girlfriend had her breasts enlarged about two years ago. When I told her I wanted a bigger penis she didn’t object.

I have been with my girlfriend for three years. We have a good sex life but I am one of those people who thinks that if things can be better, then why not. I had a choice of two operations for penis enlargement. I wasn’t sure if to just to have the thickness done or the length and thickness at the same time, at the end of the day I decided to have both. I thought if I am going through this then I might as well do the best that can be done. The hardest thing was not having sex for six weeks after. You can’t do anything because the fat needs to settle.

I wasn’t looking for miracles but I am really pleased with the results. I would recommend anyone to at least go and see what can be done if you are worried about your size. It finally picked up the courage to book an appointment. It was embarrassing for sure but the doctor was really laid back and he put me at ease straight away. Yes there are risks and they tell you about them, but as my girlfriend said there were risks when she had her breasts done.



At Moorgate Aesthetics you can be guaranteed a private professional and friendly experience. Our consultations are always free, we never charge for advice and our Surgeons are always pleased to see you and go through the whole procedure with you

Here you have some key facts about penis enlargement surgery. Learn about increasing both the length and thickness of your Penis. For impartial advice visit a FREE service to you.David MillsMoorgate Aesthetics 1 Sitwell Dr, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 3AS Tel: 0203 290 7789

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