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BBC-3-Documentary-picFrequently asked Questions about Penis Enlargement Surgery and enlargement surgery for men.

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Q. How much bigger will my penis be after the penis enlargement surgery ?

A. Generally speaking the increase in length is normally between one and two inches after penis enlargement surgery. When the suspensory ligament is cut the increase in size is largely down to your own anatomy. As for the girth enhancement similar increases in girth are usually obtained. Remember that an increase of one inch on a small penis can make quite a difference.  Most guys are concerned about the size of their penis when it is flaccid ( the shower syndrome) because when it is erected it is bigger anyway. You need to be realistic in terms of your expectations from penis enlargement surgery and appreciate that you don’t need to have a huge penis for it to work as it should in terms of sex. Research seems to suggest that a huge penis can be as off-putting potentially, as a small penis. It should be said that most people seeking enlargement surgery for men are very realistic and understand the benefits and risks of the procedure

Q. Does enlargement surgery for men require me to stay in hospital overnight ?

A. No. After a period of recovery you will be allowed home on the same day.Everything is done in the one visit. This is the same for increasing the thickness of the penis, increasing the length of the penis, or both procedures at the same time.Most guys like the fact that they don’t have to stay in hospital for their penis enlargement surgery. We will just need a morning or afternoon of your time.


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Q. Does it change my erections in any way after having penis enlargement surgery ?

A. The angle of your erection maybe slightly lower after the lengthening procedure. This does not normally cause concern for Patients. The confidence comes from having a bigger penis. The control of your penis can sometimes be more difficult , when the women is on top, for example. This is because the suspensory ligament controls the stability of the penis to some extent.

Q. Can the fat reabsorbs after the girth enhancement ?

A. It is possible for some of the transferred fat to reabsorbs and you should expect to have top up girth treatments in the future to maintain the increase in girth. These treatments are done by transferring more fat. It is possible to store some of your fat from the first procedure so that it is ready for your top up when you require it. Fat can be stored for up to two years after enlargement surgery for men The number of times that you return to have more fat injected into your penis will depend somewhat on the absorption rate and how thick you would like your penis to be at any one time. The Penis enlargement Surgeon will advise you of the likely interval of fat top ups.

Q. Can the length and girth be increased at the same time ?

A. Yes it is possible to do both the penis enlargement surgery ( lengthening ) and the girth enhancement at the same time. the whole procedure takes around one and a half hours. Many guys choose to increase length and girth at the same time to get the maximum increase in size of the Penis. If you would like just the length or girth done, that’s no problem at all. Of those that do choose to have one or the other procedure done, penis girth enhancement is the most requested enlargement surgery for men procedure. In terms of sex, girth is more important than length.

Q. How long do I need off work after a lengthening and girth enhancement procedure ?

A. You should plan to take one week off work after the operation. You will have had a surgical procedure so you need to be sensible and give yourself time to recuperate from the anaesthetic. Some men are able to go back to work within a few days after having penis enlargement surgery , however if you have a physically demanding job you might want to allow a little longer.

Q. Can I drive home after the penis enlargement surgery operation ?

A. No, you must arrange for someone to collect you or let the clinic arrange a driver for you. We can arrange a Chauffeur service to and from the clinic for your surgery, this will need to be paid for by yourself directly to the Chauffeur.

Q. Are there stitches in after having penis enlargement surgery ?

A. Yes, you will need to return to the clinic afterwards to have some stitches removed. This is usually done around one to two weeks after the surgery.

Q. How soon after the penis enlargement surgery can I have sexual intercourse ?

A. You must avoid sexual intercourse after the enlargement surgery for men surgery for two to three weeks. Avoid exercise for the same period too. In some cases the Penis enlargement surgeon may advise no sex for up to six weeks. It is important that the surgery is given time to heal, this is particularly important with the fat transfer element, where it will be important to massage the penis afterwards to ensure even distribution of the fat along the penile shaft.

Q. How soon after the first girth enhancement will I need a top up ?

A. The first top up of the fat will be performed after four to six weeks. Thereafter the tops ups will depend mostly on how you feel about the size of your penis. Some men come back to the clinic whenever they feel that they can have more fat injected in, others are quite happy with the thickness of their penis for sometime after the initial penis enlargement surgery. The good thing is that you can have the fat topped up whenever you want to, this is the great advantage of enlargement surgery for men.

Q. What type of underwear do I need to use after penis enlargement surgery ?

A. It’s important that you wear loose-fitting boxer shorts after the operation. This will help the penis to hang down after surgery. You will also feel more comfortable after the operation if you do not wear tight underwear.

Q. Will my penis will be normal after penis enlargement surgery ?

A.  Yes the penis will function normally in terms of erection and urination. The only difference might be that the angle of the erection maybe slightly lower after penis lengthening,

Q. What is a normal size for a penis, I am seriously considering enlargement surgery for men ?

A. We get asked this question a lot. Take a look at the short ( no pun intended ) video about penis size below. Not all men who undergo penis enlargement surgery have a small penis, by official definition. They choose to have penis enlargement surgery to increase self-confidence more than anything. This is much in the same way that women have breast enlargement to increase the size of their breasts when they don’t have small breasts to begin with. Try not to focus on what you think other people have in terms of penis size, think about what would make you happy and give you more self-confidence ( but be realistic )

Q. If I don’t fancy penis enlargement surgery, what other option is there ?

A. Maybe you are not quite ready for surgery. Perhaps its the thought of going under the knife or even the cost is too much. The other option could be the non surgical route such as a penis enlarger, sometimes called a penis extender. These devices are not new, they have been around for years. They do work, but don’t expect results overnight. Take a look at our penis extender page for more information.

If you are thinking of having a penis enlargement surgery, then its important that you get sound professional advice from Surgeons experienced in this field. Our Male Patient coordinators can give you the information that you need and guide you through the whole procedure.and speak to them in confidence. Or you can complete our contact form and we will be in touch directly. Ask for David Mills when you call and David will go through things with you and answer your initial questions about penis enlargement surgery. If you wish, you can them book your consultation with a Penis enlargement surgeon to see if you are suitable for surgery and what could be achieved for you.

Q Would it be helpful to use a Penis enlarger, such as a Pro extender after penis enlargement surgery ?

A. Yes, because it helps with prevention of retraction of the scar after the penis lengthening surgery.


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