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Q. How much bigger will my penis be after surgery ?

A. Most patients achieve length gains of one to two inches in the flaccid state. With consistent use of a penis pump after the surgery you could gain more. In terms of thickness you can gains of between 2 to 4cm. These gains are visible in both the flaccid and erect states of the penis. So in conclusion you have a longer penis flaccid and a thicker penis both flaccid and erect.

Q) What are the advantages of surgery over, say, dermal fillers ?

A. Dermal fillers only offer a temporary increase in the thickness of your penis. The length of the penis remains the same. A fat transfer will outlast a dermal filler procedure in the vast majority of cases. In the longer term a fat transfer will be more cost effective. Another point worth mentioning is that you cannot be allergic to your own fat. Dermal fillers have a risk of allergy and if you are prone to allergies you may be better to consider a fat transfer. Many men like the idea of their own body fat being used rather than a man made alternative.

Q. Do I need to stay in hospital ?

A. No. it’s all done in a day. If you are travelling a long distance then it may be possible to arrange an overnight stay for you at the hospital. This would incur an additional charge in most cases.

Q. I want a big penis, can I have the fat transfer done again ?

A. Yes, some guys do come back and have an additional fat transfer procedure to achieve maximum thickness gains. Please ask your Patient Co-ordination about special top up packages that we have available for fat transfer. There is no doubt that it’s the thickness of the penis that’s most important to men, yes you need some length, but the thickness is at the heart of everything.

Q. Do most guys have length and thickness done together ?

A. Yes. Most men come to us with a mission to increase their penis size as much as possible. So most go ahead with both length and thickness surgery together. It only take some hour to increase the length and thickness of your penis and it’s most cost effective when performed together.

Q. How long should I take off work ?

A. In most cases a few days off work will suffice. You should plan to avoid heavy lifting for about six weeks. A wood driving for one week.

Q. How soon can I have sex ?

A. with length and girth surgery allow six weeks before having sexual intercourse of any sexual activity involving your penis. For girth only surgery it’s a bit less at four weeks.

Q. Will it give me self confidence I am lacking ?

A. It’s all about self confidence. Many of our patients say it’s not just about sex. It’s about changing in the locker room in front of their friends, , it’s about going to the gym and feeling confident, it’s about going on holiday and not covering up too much. Have this procedure done for you.

Q. How soon can I have sex ?

A. with length and girth surgery allow six weeks before having sexual intercourse of any sexual activity involving your penis. For girth only surgery it’s a bit less at four weeks.

Q. Can I chat this through with someone face to face ?

A. Of course. We offer free initial consultations with our male Patient C-ordinaries with no obligation. Come along and chat through everything with confidence. We can go through the whole procedure with you and also answer any questions you have. Even better it’s totally free.

Q. Are your surgeons qualified ?

A. All surgeons are registered with the general medical council of Great Britain. All surgery is carried out in care quality commission hospitals.

Q. What about aftercare ?

A. We offer unlimited free aftercare check ups. We also have a patient helpline and that’s open seven days a week.

Q. Can I talk to anyone who has had surgery ?

A. Of course you can. We have many patients whose lives we have changed for the better. They are only too happy to have a chat with you and tell you about their experience. We were also subject of a BBC documentary about penis enlargement surgery called “ The penis extension clinic”. This was a ground breaking documentary which followed two of our patients who underwent penis enlargement  surgery with us. This documentary is on our website and you can find it also on the BBC iplayer. Moorgate Aesthetics are famous for penis enlargement and you will see why when you watch the documentary.

Q. Can you arrange finance ?

A. Yes. We have a number of finance options with very low deposits and interest free options too. You can apply for the finance in clinic and get an instant decision in most cases. Our call centre team can also give you some examples of monthly repayments with pleasure.

Q. What should I do next ?

A. Give us a call 03300 244 858 or complete the form on the website and arrange a local consultation. Remember it’s free and without any obligation.



Penis Enlargement now with the latest Puregraft filtration system


Moorgate Aesthetics are proud to announce the arrival of the fabulous Puregraft filtration system to their services. Puregraft is now used in our fat transfer procedures to thicken the penis. 



Moorgate Aesthetics are at the forefront of penis enlargement surgery in the United Kingdom. We receive hundreds of enquiries every month for our services.

Take a look at why we set ourselves apart from the competition.

  1. Expert consultations
  2. Free Unlimited aftercare check ups
  3. Out Of hours emergency helpline
  4. Standard Pre-operative tests all included
  5. All surgery carried out in United Kingdom CQC registered hospitals and clinics ( no surgery abroad )
  6. Very flexible finance plans with no deposit options.

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