Penis Enlargement Non Surgical Options


Look at the Benefits of the Moorgate Hyaluronic Acid Penis Thickening Treatment


  • Long lasting results. Tops ups required at around 12 to 18 months.

  • Consistently producing good results.

  • Maximum possible gains achieved in one treatment.

  • Firm but natural feel to the penis

  • Great for both shaft and glans enlargement

  • Loyalty discounts on subsequent treatments

  • Treatment performed by a Plastic Surgeon.


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All Penis Options Include


  • Free surgeon consultation

  • Free unlimited aftercare check ups

  • All prescription medications included

  • Access to our dedicated patient care helpline 7 days a week  

  •  Flexible finance with an instant decision 

Choice of Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Procedures

Penis Tune Up


10ml Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Lasts 6 to 12 Months*



Free Penis Pump

from only


per day

Penis Tune Up Plus

10ml (longer lasting) Hyaluronic Acid 

Lasts 12 to 18 Months*



Free Penis Pump

from only


per day

Take a look at this treatment video. Our results speak for themselves !

Hyaluronic acid filler to your penis, instant thicker penis !!

This is done by the use of hyaluronic acid injection of a tried and tested volumising treatment called Dermal volumiser. Hyaluronic acid is widely used in aesthetic medical circles The attraction of this treatment is that there is no surgery involved. The treatment takes just minutes and there is no downtime afterwards. The penis is instantly thicker too, no waiting for results. 


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This is the second treatment that I have had with Moorgate , and it’s the best yet. I am delighted with the girth. It’s easy to get done and I like the fact that I don’t have to have any time off work. “ read the about the full procedure here


At Moorgate your safety comes first.

In terms of girth enhancement a 10ml treatment of hyaluronic acid usually gives a good thickening of the penis of around 2 to 4 cm. ( individual results may vary)

Beware of clinics who offer much larger quantities of filler in one treatment.  At Moorgate we have considerable experience in non surgical penis enlargement. The best approach is to build up thickness gradually. Much larger quantities can lead to increased risk of post treatment complications such as excessive lumpiness and infection.

Our Doctors Have Developed A Unique 2 Stage Treatment Programme

Consultation with Penis enlargement Surgeon

We combine Hyaluronic acid treatment with a proven method of penile lengthening using the principle of traction. You will use a penis extender for five to ten minutes each day gradually increase the length of the penis.

jes-extender-1 (1)By using both methods you have the advantage of instant thickening results through the Dermal volumiser treatment and a gradual increase in length from the extender.


2 stage treatment programme can give you the opportunity to increase both the length and thickness of the penis at the same time, by using the Hyaluronic Acid to thicken and the Penis Extender to lengthen.

Dr Lisa Marie explains in this video how this unique treatment programme works

Finance is Available for All Treatments


You could achieve similar gains as our Patient in the video

from only £16.84 per week.

At Moorgate, We Reward Loyalty

Join our loyalty programme after your first treatment and receive even greater savings on your subsequent treatments.


After your first Non-Surgical treatment, you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty programme , saving you money  on your subsequent treatments.

How does it work ?

When you are ready to book more treatments simply show your loyalty card and you will be guaranteed savings. There will always be special promotions available to loyalty club members. Just ask for the latest promotions  when you book , and look forward to getting the very best value from your treatment.

Terms. Only one loyalty card per patient allowed. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers that maybe available from time to time. The company reserve the right to withdraw the loyalty programme at any time

The results of the thickening treatment typically last between 12 and 18 months.

You can have a top up treatment whenever you want, again with the knowledge that there is no downtime involved and you get instant results.

* individual results may vary

Frequently Asked Questions on our non surgical penis enlargement programme

How long will the treatment take ?

The treatment takes about ten to twenty minutes on an out-patient basis. You can leave directly afterwards

Is it true that I will see instant results ?

Yes, this is the beauty of hyaluronic acid treatments. There is no pre tests required. You can book in for the treatment on the same day as your consultation with the Plastic Surgeon. Your penis will be instantly thicker following the treatment

How long will the treatment last ?

This depends on the type of non surgical treatment that you opt for. Our standard treatment typically lasts 12 months before you need a top up treatment. Our longest lasting filler requires a top up at around 18 months. Individual results may vary. Some Patients like to come back at the first sign of the penis reducing in size, others wait until the filler has almost gone. It is up to you when you come back for your top up treatment. The treatment is completely flexible, you choose when you have your top up treatments.

Can I have surgery at a later date ?

Yes you can . If this treatment is a pre cursor to your penis enlargement surgery then we can carry out the surgery at anytime in the future for you

How does the lengthening work ?

You will use a high quality penis extender. This is a traction device that will increase the length of the penis over time. You will need to use the extender every day for five to ten minutes for several months. Our extender comes with a full instructional video telling you all that you need to know.

Is the consultation with the Doctor free ?

Yes, you are welcome to come and see our penis enlargement Surgeon and get all the facts that you need. Maybe you are undecided about which option to take. We can go through both the surgical and non surgical options with you with pleasure. We want you to make the right choice for you for your penis enlargement

Do I get check ups ?

Yes you do. We offer free follow-up appointments with our penis enlargement surgeon for both surgical and non surgical options.

What is a Penis Extender, and how does it work?

It is a medical penis enlargement device. It uses the bodies’ natural response to traction, by creating new tissue cells. Used as your personal training device it increases your length AS WEL as your girth.

Does it actually work, and can you document it?

Yes! First of all we hold many feedbacks from our clients during the last 20 years. Also “The British Journal of Urology” published an article in 2011 on the subject with this conclusion among others: ”It seems that penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation”.

Read More on our FAQ’s on our Penis Extender


Our Penis Extender 'THE JES-EXTENDER'

Moorgate Aesthetics currently offer a range of penis extenders by the original ‘Jes Extenders’ Available at your Consultation


Patients From Overseas

Overseas-PatientsAt Moorgate we have Patients from all corners of Europe. As leaders in Penis enlargement surgery we receive enquiries every day from outside the United Kingdom. Find out More…

Our tailor made package means that you can come to London for your procedure knowing that everything has been arranged for you and everything has been taken care of.

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