Linda Nolan delighted with her £6,000 surgery

Linda herself is over the moon with the results and has said that she now wakes up every morning feeling good about herself and is even ready to look for love again.


Linda Nolan has been through a lot in the last decade. The Celebrity Big Brother star has lost both her husband of twenty-six years, Brian, and sister, Bernie Nolan, to cancer, and has herself survived breast cancer. Brian passed away aged sixty in 2007, and Bernie lost her battle with breast cancer – the same disease that Linda herself suffered – in 2013. After being swallowed by sadness and even contemplating suicide, The Nolans singer decided that enough was enough and that she wanted to feel positive again.

This proved difficult, however, when Linda found herself faced with a reflection that only hammered home the torment she had experienced after her husband died. She has told of how having to look at the lines on her face made it impossible for her to shake off the grief she suffered with for so long and desperately wanted to leave behind. So, 57-year-old Linda looked to cosmetic surgery to reinstate her joie de vivre and debuted the stunning results of her facelift procedure on sister Coleen’s show Loose Women.

Coleen was blindfolded for the big unveiling as she had not seen her sister since the operation, and Linda’s nerves proved unnecessary as Coleen gasped and exclaimed that the results were ‘fabulous’ immediately upon seeing them. Unlike with some celebrity cosmetic surgery procedures, Linda requested that her surgeon make her look as natural as possible, insisting that she didn’t want to look like anyone else but herself – just from ten years earlier. Yet reactions so far have been that the West End star actually looks twenty years younger.

Linda herself is over the moon with the results and has said that she now wakes up every morning feeling good about herself and is even ready to look for love again. Whilst on Loose Women, Linda even joked that out of herself and Coleen, 51, she now looks like the younger sister. All of this change has been brought about by both a lower facelift and an extreme chemical skin peel. Linda’s plastic surgeon in London has managed to eradicate her jowels as well as the deep lines from smoking around her mouth, all of which has made a dramatic change and given Linda her confidence back.

In fact, Linda has recently auditioned for two new roles and got them both, something she attributes to her new positive outlook. The revived star will soon start a UK tour with musical Our House. If you are interested in face lift surgery, Moorgate Aesthetics can offer you a free no obligation consultation at one of our nationwide clinics

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