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Penis enlargement is gaining acceptance

Penis enlargement is gaining acceptance

There is nothing new in the anxiety felt by many men about the size of their penis. Centring around particular social activities, such as getting changed at the gym or the pool, countless gentlemen suffer acute embarrassment at what they perceive to be a major disadvantage. For years, the option of surgery to boost men’s confidence has been eyed with extreme scepticism.

But recently, penoplasty has begun to gain acceptance as a mainstream form of cosmetic enhancement.

Penis enhancement is gaining acceptance

Why has this shift occurred? We explore a few possible reasons below.

Peace of mind

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is responsible for the inspection of all healthcare institutions in the UK, is also responsible for the inspection of cosmetic surgery practices. In 2016, the Royal College of Surgeons published their ‘Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgeons’, which all practitioners will be inspected against. This has clearly given huge peace of mind to those considering male enhancement of any kind. Operations and non-surgical procedures that promise an increase in penis girth and length have stepped out of the shadows and given men the confidence to approach the issue with confidence.

Perception shift

Female cosmetic surgery has now gained public acceptance. Nose jobs and breast enhancements and reductions have come a long way, and it is now not unusual for women to make this choice without any feeling of shame. The question has clearly been asked, if not out loud, ‘why shouldn’t men enjoy the same options?’ Whilst genital surgery demands the highest standards of care, the penis has actually evolved to adapt to significant changes in girth and length, as any young man can tell you. Penoplasty, therefore, makes just as much sense, if not more, than many procedures that have already gained social acceptance. The fact that penis enlargement surgery is now among the most common procedures performed at the UK’s most prestigious cosmetic surgery practitioners is evidence of this shift in perception.

Lighter on the pocket

As penis enhancement has stepped out of the shadows, so have the related financial options. Affordable payment plans, including no-deposit options, are now offered, so that no one is priced out of the market. Those considering a male enhancement procedure have the option of a free consultation with a surgeon, and, if they decide to go ahead, they can enjoy free post-operative check ups.

Gaining acceptance is at the heart of penoplasty. It is the aim of the customer and the practitioner. If you’d like to find out more, contact us at Moorgate Aesthetics.

Optimum injection technique for penis enlargement injections

Optimum injection technique for penis enlargement injections

The leading Penis enlargement Doctors in the UK have a solid understanding of the penile anatomy



These include Doctors who provide penis enlargement injections for Moorgate Aesthetics

There are a number of important factors which our Doctors take into consideration when considering the best outcome for your penis enlargement treatment. The aim of every treatment is to achieve a smooth symmetrical result along the penile shaft. Your penis must look good in both the erect and flaccid state.

Injecting hyaluronic acid such as Voluma should be done when the penis is erect. It can of course be injected when the penis is flaccid, but the results may not be quite as effective. This is because not all of the penis tunica is visible when your penis is flaccid. (Just think about how much more of your penis is visible when you are erect).

For this reason make sure that your penis enlargement Doctor at least gives you the option of having the treatment when you are erect.

To get the penis into an erect state prior to the treatment the Doctor injects a substance which temporarily creates an erection. This gives the Doctor the best “canvas” on which to inject the Voluma.

On another note, there is significantly less risk of post treatment complications when the treatment is administered with a cannula rather than a needle. Most UK providers use a needle. With needles you experience multiple “stabs” which apart from being rather uncomfortable can also increase risk of a serious complication called vascular occlusion. This is where the hyaluronic acid enters the venous system. There is much less risk of the occurrence with a cannula because the cannula that we use has a blunt tip, not a sharp tip of a needle. Furthermore there are far fewer skin punctures required with a cannula compared to a needle.

penis surgeonsOf course, we cannot claim that we are the only providers of penis enlargement injections to the erect penis and with a cannula, do your own research online around the world and you will see that the world’s leading penis enlargement Doctors adopt the same techniques as we do.

At Moorgate Aesthetics we are fortunate that we have some of the country’s leading Aesthetic Doctors on our team. They provide hundreds of medical aesthetic treatments every year across the United Kingdom.

All consultations with our Doctors are completely free of charge and without any obligation. To arrange a consultation please call us on 03300 244 858 or email us

Moorgate Penis Injections – As Seen On Channel 5 ‘OMG’

Moorgate Penis Injections – As Seen On Channel 5 ‘OMG’

As seen on Channel 5’s brand new series OMG ‘My Midlife Plastic Crisis’

First Aired  23rd July 2017,

Watch NOW on Channel 5

Eric 1-penis injections

Here is Eric, without doubt one of our most amazing and flamboyant patients.

When you have met Eric you will never forget him. His striking and immaculate appearance makes him stand out from the crowd. Moorgate were delighted that he chose us to give him a much deserved confidence boost. His penis thickening injections , performed by Dr James , were a great success and they have set him on the road to a happy and fulfilling future , we are sure.

dr james & Eric


Eric had hyaluronic acid filler to give his penis much needed added girth , and the results are incredible.

The treatment took just thirty minutes and afterwards Eric was back to his immaculate best and on his way home. We will see Eric again in about twelve to eighteen months time when he will come back for a top up treatment.


Eric-dr - measure girth before

Girth before was 4 inches

after girth injections

After injections increased to 5 inches

If you are thinking of hyaluronic acid to thicken your penis take a leaf out of Eric’s book and contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

Find out more about this procedure

And finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Eric on behalf of the many patients who have enquired about this same treatment since Eric’s famous TV appearance. He has done much to raise awareness that you don’t have to put up with low self confidence just because of your penis size.


We have consultation centres across the UK , so there is bound to be one near you.

Call us today on  03300 244 858 

Or complete the contact form on this page. 

We are open 7 days a week

The Increasing Popularity Of Penis Fillers In The UK

Men in the United Kingdom are seeking for a bigger penis according to the investigation of a certain global survey with regards to the rise of penis filler trends.


Today, various products intended for genital enlargements are introduced to men to help them resolve their problems and feel good about themselves. Probably, you are one of these guys who are currently searching for the most effective yet pain-free solution to have a bigger and longer organ.

Indeed, most women in today’s modern generation seem to be more satisfied in men who have better penile sizes. This is the reason why these guys feel the pressure of enhancing their manhood. The market offers hundreds to thousands of products that can perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The choice is up to you whether you prepare surgery or simply finding something that will never get you hurt.

The Non-Surgical penis enlargement Option

Admit it. You may be scared of the thought that the medical experts will create lacerations or insertions in your genitals. In addition to this, you may wonder whether these options are safe and free from adverse side effects in the long run. There are also already some reports of incidences wherein men who undergo a particular surgical method of penile enlargement experienced great discomfort and pain in their organ.

By considering this fact alone, you will hesitate to take the same treatment. Thus, you will turn to the other option which is the non-surgical treatment. This only involves penis injection or what they call ‘dermal filler’. This is the medical procedure designed to substantially thicken the male organ. It is basically using fillers that are often present among facial aesthetics. This procedure takes only a maximum period of 30 minutes and accomplished by an expert penoplasty surgeon.

There are only simple steps taken to complete this procedure and provide instant girth and length without experiencing too much pain. Since this is naturally developed inside the body, there is a rare chance of having side effects. On the other hand, the procedure becomes reversible through dissolving filler in the water.

Safe And Worry-Free Penis Fillers

In most circumstances, penoplasty requires a simple and fast operation. In fact, some medical centres that offer this kind of service provide packages wherein patients can decide which specific treatment they want to take.

This time, penile dermal fillers has become a safe option for most men in the United Kingdom because of the obvious benefits received from these. Since it only involves injection, there is less pain and less time to wait to achieve results.

What Does This Penis fillers Option Provide?

The main reason why most men seek to have better penis girth is to boost their self-confidence. For others, it is a basis of having an improved quality of the relationships with their partners. Furthermore, it also helps improve their sex quality in some instances. Some men would even admit that it can relieve them from the anxiety felt because of the size of their penis. And, for some, it is simply a boost to their ego.

What are you packing this summer?

What are you packing this summer?

Get packing with the UK’s leading penis enlargement centre.



Look at the Benefits of the Moorgate Hyaluronic Acid Penis Thickening Treatment – see before & after pics


  • Long lasting results. Tops ups required at around 12 to 18 months.

  • Consistently producing good results.

  • Maximum possible gains achieved in one treatment.

  • Firm but natural feel to the penis

  • Great for both shaft and glans enlargement

  • Loyalty discounts on subsequent treatments

  • Treatment performed by a Plastic Surgeon.

Find out more about our treatment here


” This is the second treatment that I have had with Moorgate , and it’s the best yet. I am delighted with the girth. It’s easy to get done and I like the fact that I don’t have to have any time off work. “

What should I do next ?

Fill out our form to make an enquiry or give us a call at our central office on 03300 244 858 to arrange an appointment at many locations throughout the UK. Our staff are trained and experienced and waiting to book your appointment.
Just give us a call on 03300 244 858 or email us at and we will do the rest !

1. Instant results

2. No downtime

3. Cheaper option than surgery

4. You can increase both length and thickness at the same time

5. Leading dermal filler brand

6. Treatment performed by a GMC registered Plastic Surgeon

7. Free consultations and follow up appointments


Penis Enlargement Injections Before & After

Penis Enlargement Injections Before & After


penis price banner


Watch Moorgate Aesthetics Patient video of a full procedure for penis enlargement injections,


along with Before & after pictures


Step by Step guide to our penis enlargement injections one of our Non Surgical Procedures

So prior to the video our Patient applied a topical anaesthetic to the penis. We leave the anaesthetic for about  forty five minutes before beginning treatment.
Using a very fine needle the Doctor slowly injects the hyaluronic acid in a pattern formation along the shaft of the penis, starting at the base. You will see from the video that the focus is injecting along the top and the sides. We do not inject underneath the penis.
Each syringe contains 2ml of hyaluronic acid.
In this treatment we used 10ml of hyaluronic acid to give a very good thickening. For most Patients around 10ml is all that is needed to give a similar result as you see here.
The whole treatment took only 25 minutes and you can see that the results are immediately visible. Compare the after photo with the photo taken on the couch just before the treatment !
Apart from a little massage , starting  after 48 hours, there is little else for the patient to do.
The Doctor will prescribe a short course of antibiotics for the patient to take afterwards.
This was the second treatment the patient has had. He remarked that this was the best yet, and it’s hard to disagree !


” This is the second treatment that I have had with Moorgate , and it’s the best yet. I am delighted with the girth. It’s easy to get done and I like the fact that I don’t have to have any time off work. “

What should I do next ?

Fill out our form to make an enquiry or give us a call at our central office on 03300 244 858 to arrange an appointment at many locations throughout the UK. Our staff are trained and experienced and waiting to book your appointment.
Just give us a call on 03300 244 858 or email us at and we will do the rest !

1. Instant results
2. No downtime
3. Cheaper option than surgery
4. You can increase both length and thickness at the same time
5. Leading dermal filler brand
6. Treatment performed by a GMC registered Plastic Surgeon
7. Free consultations and follow up appointments

UK’s Lowest Price for Penis Enlargement Injections

UK’s Lowest Price for Penis Enlargement Injections


Moorgate Aesthetics have seen an increase in our Penis Enlargement Injection programme, the price £280 per syringe and the instant results might have something to do with it.



penis-thicker-price Moorgate

The results of the Dermal Volumiser thickening treatment typically last up to twelve months.

The procedure is to make an injection of hyaluronic acid into the penile shaft to increase its girth. Currently only £280 per syringe, making Moorgate one of the most competitive clinics in the UK.

You can have a top up treatment whenever you want, again with the knowledge that there is no downtime involved and you get instant results.


  • BBC-3-Documentary-picInstant results
  • No downtime
  • Cheaper option than surgery
  • You can increase both length and thickness at the same time
  • Leading dermal filler brand
  • Treatment performed by a GMC registered Plastic Surgeon
  • Free consultations and follow-up appointments

Dr Lisa Marie explains in this video how this unique treatment programme works

What should I do next ?

Fill out our form to make an enquiry or give us a call at our central office on 03300 244 858 to arrange an appointment. Our staff are trained and experienced and waiting to book your appointment.
Just give us a call on 03300 244 858 or email us at and we will do the rest !
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Baldness and Small Penis: Every Man’s Worst Fear

It’s no big surprise that confidence is a big deal when it comes to relationships and dating. It is after all sexy.

Bald and Small penis

Bald and Small penis

The only problem is that gaining confidence and maintaining it throughout a relationship is hard particularly for men. It is no wonder the confidence-boosting industry is booming nowadays. But for all those times when people wrestle with sex issues, there are certain areas where men are especially vulnerable.

Men are more sensitive that the world gives them credit for. Even with the numerous proclamations about how men don’t worry about the same things as women, their egos are surprisingly frail. We can endure the trash-talking and insults that are part and parcel of male friendships, there are certain aspects that are off-limits. Take for instance the issues of baldness and penis size. Both of these bother men to an extent where their self-esteem is trashed.


The level of importance that men put on hair and the issue of baldness would surprise many women. Men consider their hair as one of the most visible signs of their masculinity and potency. That means that should they start losing hair and becoming bald, some take it as proof of God’s hate or something worse. A man with a receding hairline or bald head is often viewed as one whose youth has already passed him by. Such a man is viewed as whose best years have passed and whose only option to disguise his looks with medication, props and gimmicks. The image of a man with a bald head is one of impotence and comedy as he tries to come up with the best arrangement of the little hair left on their heads. The main cause of baldness is not known but it’s widely believed to be a combination of hormone levels and genetics in men. For men with this problem, oral medications such as finasteride or minoxidil or hair transplants are credible options.

Small penis

The size of a man’s penis is the number one source for any man’s fears and insecurities. The main reason behind this is that penis size is often associated with sexual desirability and virility. Anyone with a small penis is considered not ‘manly’ enough. And while the size of a man’s penis is subject to the same whims as pop culture and fashion, there are ways to compensate for the lack of volume. Men should understand that increased girth is far more important than the length of an erect penis. Penis enlargement surgery can increase both the length and thickness of a small penis. There are non surgical penis enlargement options available now too for the fainthearted.

Why men worry about the size of their Penis

Why men worry about the size of their Penis

Why are men so insecure about the size of their penis? Why do they worry if their penis is not big enough as they want it to be?

Worried about penis size?

Worried about penis size?

These are some of the questions that a lot of men (and women) ask themselves. The general answer is simple: it has everything to do with sexual intercourse. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why men seem very insecure when it comes to their penis size.

Penetrative intercourse is what is referred to as “real sex”

The emphasis of intercourse is penetration; everything else is considered as foreplay when it comes to “real sex.” The biggest attention on penetrative action is the penis. Men want to have a bigger penis so that they can have great sex. Ask most women and they will tell you that a good size penis is one of the factors they consider when looking for a perfect match.

There’s too much hype about a big penis

Yes, go to any dating site; visit some porn sites and even some youth forums out there. One thing you will not miss to hear or see is something to do with a big penis on the part of men. Women are portrayed to like men with big penis, with some saying that they are thrilled with the “Big” size. This is called hype.

There’s a general preference for a penis with certain length and thickness

Size does matter, so do they say. The bigger a penis one has,  the better.  Look at ladies sitting at the beach soaking themselves in the sun; what do they look at in their fellow mates? You are right. The abs, and penis size, which is sometimes presumed to be clear through shorts. What’s more, when women visualise a man, some experts say that the one area they do not miss to visualise is the penis. They talk of it as if it is what a man is.

The debate about penetration and penis size is a never ending debate. However, most women agree that the bigger the penis, the better. Apart from that, they tend to relate masculinity with the manhood. Today, it is possible for men to make good lovers and stand out among other men thanks to penis surgery, which helps one get bigger muscles and increase their manhood in both thickness and length. Men who think that their penis is not big enough don’t have to worry anymore as they can have the issue sorted out by professionals and become a “man enough” as the society perceives.

If you are looking to increase the size of your penis contact the penile specialist Moorgate Aesthetics call 03300 244 858 or book a consultation with our UK Plastic Surgeon

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery leave any visible scars ?

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery leave any visible scars ?

One of the questions we get asked often is, ‘will my partner see any evidence of scars from my penis surgery?’

Scars from Penis Enlargement
Most men who have penis enlargement surgery don’t tell anyone about their operation. This maybe in part due to the fact that most men who have the surgery are single. For them penis enlargement surgery is much easier from a stress point of view in that they have nobody who maybe owed an explanation. Of the men that we see for surgery, many comment that their new sexual partners have not noticed any scarring from having surgery to their penis.

In the lengthening part of the operation there is a cut in the pubic area. Therefore there is a small scar afterwards. Most scars heal to a fine white line and this fine white line is hard to spot when covered with pubic hair.
The lengthening procedure makes the angle of the erection slightly lower but this is not generally noticeable from its original position. However, men must remember that the cutting of the suspensory ligament also diminishes the stability of the penis somewhat. This can be an issue with sex when the partner is on top for example, because in this position the stability of the penis might be compromised.

We often see men who choose not to tell their partner that they are going to have penis enlargement surgery. This is a risky tactic in my opinion. Keeping surgery a secret if you are in a relationship is going to be tough. For a start you cannot have sex for six weeks and if the partner sees scars and dressings covering your penis with-in the healing process, you may have to do some explaining.

When the after effects of the surgery have settled there are no visible effects like scars and lumpiness. The penis will be bigger than before of course, that’s the object of the operation, but scars and lumpiness of the fat transfer should have settled down after a few weeks. When this is the case you can continue your sexual activities with more, confidence.

Men who would like their penis thicker are choosing the dermal filler option more and more. I think this is in part due to the fact that this treatment is very difficult to detect. When the filler is injected underneath the skin of the penis it becomes instantly thicker, but without the scars associated with penis enlargement surgery.
Less downtime is a feature of all cosmetic surgery operations and penis enlargement is no different.

So with a little patience penis enlargement surgery scars can be undetectable. Much depends of course on the skill of the Plastic Surgeon. This is especially true when transferring fat.

A good procedure can give a very natural looking result.

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